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Medellín: man grabbed a traffic guard so they wouldn’t take his motorcycle – Medellín – Colombia

An unusual situation arose in recent days in Medellín, where a motorcycle driver who did not have papers even did something unthinkable so that his motorcycle would not be immobilized in which he was traveling with a woman.

The event occurred at Carrera 65 with Calle 30A, Belén neighborhood, in Medellín, and what happened can be seen on video.

In the video, the transit agent can be seen talking to the man dressed in white, while the woman remains on the motorcycle as a grill.

When the officer tries to get the person off the motorcycle, the man in white grabs him and drags him giving the woman time to leave on the motorcycle, something he did recklessly and almost causing a traffic accident.

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The report from the Ministry of Mobility indicates that the driver a red light was passed, so the agent requires it to make the respective infraction.

“At the time of requesting the documentation, he only hands over the ID and states that he did not take out the other required papers, the Agent tells him that he can show them digitally, but the citizen did not have any proof of the vehicle registration or driver’s license. driving”. says the report.

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The citizen had no proof of vehicle registration or driver’s license

The agent proceeds to perform the online verification and evidence that the man had never completed the driver’s license process, so it tells the driver to immobilize the vehicle.

“At that moment, the woman who was a passenger takes the motorcycle keys and starts the vehicle to escape, while the driver takes the agent,” adds the transit entity.

Despite the escape of the woman with the motorcycle, which could not be immobilized, the man was served withthree subpoenas, which were: C31 for contempt, D01 for the license and D04 for running the red light.

Editor of EL TIEMPO – Medellín

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