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The price of taxi rides will increase • La Nación

The Minister of Transportation, William Camargo announced important changes in the taxi sector in the country in an interview on the “Mañanas Blu” program. According to Camargo, the price of taxi fares will increase and it will also be proposed to introduce the dynamic rate, similar to the one used by transport applications.

The objective of these proposals is to update the current tariff framework and adapt it to the new market dynamics. The dynamic rate would allow the cost of the races to vary depending on the demand and availability of vehicles, providing greater flexibility and efficiency to the taxi service.

The minister mentioned three specific proposals that would be issued by decree by the government. In the first place, the updating of the tariff framework is proposed to incorporate the dynamic tariff, taking into account the mechanisms used by the transport platforms. This would imply price adjustments according to supply and demand in real time.

Second, it is proposed to recognize the cost structure of taxi drivers, especially for fuel, and allow for more frequent price updates to reflect changes in the market. This would allow taxi drivers to cover operating expenses in a more equitable and realistic manner.

Lastly, the implementation of quality factors in taxi fares is considered. These factors would be related to improvements in the service and the reduction of emissions. In other words, taxi drivers who offer a quality service and use greener vehicles could benefit from more favorable rates. dataIFX information.

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