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This is how the first Legal Office for the disabled population works – Barranquilla – Colombia

In a personal and free way, people in disabling condition and their caregivers residing in the towns of the Atlantic they are receiving legal advice Since three years ago.

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These people do not have to come to Barranquilla to look for a lawyer to guide them in a request about their rights or any requirement that demand a legal action such as alimony or pension claim.

This thanks to the alliance between the Government and the University of the Atlanticconfirmed the Inclusive Legal Clinic, a program that has traveled to more than 15 municipalities, helping more than 335 people with disabilities and their caregivers.

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In three years of service he has made at least 20 days in the municipalities of the department.

We need to find out about the details of a legal and constitutional nature that may be affecting us

“We need to find out about the details of a legal and constitutional nature that may be affecting us. For this reason, it seems very opportune that they have moved to this sector of Galapa”, said Custodio Cervantes, who benefited from a legal advice in past days.

The municipal mayors’ offices have also been linked to this program, through the ombudsmen; the National Army, the Ministry of Labor, Family Welfare, among other entities.

free legal advice

It is the first inclusive legal clinic implemented in Colombia, aimed at people with disabilities in a personal and free way, which provides advice on the entire legal process required.

“Here, advice is offered to people with disabilities, personally and free of charge, providing care from the beginning to the end of the required legal process,” said the Governor, Elsa Noguera.

Lawyers from the Universidad del Atlántico travel to towns to offer their services.


Atlántico Government Press

The manager of Capital Social del Atlántico, Óscar Pantoja, explained that different entities have been linked to this program that accompany the activities to channel service offers to vulnerable populations.

“We offer advice on pension, labor or discrimination issues; family well-being, for comprehensive care for families; In this way, a varied legal and legal attention is provided, in order to guarantee their citizen rights,” Pantoja said.

This initiative seeks to promote access to justice in decent conditions.


Atlántico Government Press

The program has allowed more people with disabilities and their caregivers to know their rights without leaving their municipalities, especially on issues such as food assistance, home public services, pension procedures, conciliation, special protection for disabilities and advice on issues related to space. and the disability environment.

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The concerns of the community are resolved by students in the last semester of the programs of Legal Sciences and Architecturewho are under the guidance of a teacher and a lawyer.

This initiative seeks to promote access to justice in dignified and equitable conditions for the population with disabilities in the Atlantic.

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