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Criminal gang extorts contractors and burns machinery in Córdoba – Other Cities – Colombia

Criminals from the Clan del Golfo burned the machinery with which they were carrying out conditioning work on rural roads, jurisdiction of Chinú (Córdoba), because the contractors would have refused to pay extortion.

The repair work on tertiary roads they advanced in properties of the village ‘El Volante’, rural area of ​​Chinú, as far as the members of the illegal organization arrived to destroy the machines.

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“The men arrived at the place, painted slogans and their initials on the machines, proceeded to incinerate it and left on their motorcycles,” witnesses to the events said.

Extortions for a long time

According to complaints made by contractors before the General Prosecutor’s Office of the Nation, the Police, the Navy and the mayors of the region, the situation has been present for quite some time in various areas of the department.

It seems that what happened in the rural area of ​​Chinú is just a small sample of what has been happening in various municipalities of Córdoba.

The strongest case occurred to the contractors of the BCM company, who had the concession for the road between Lorica – San Bernardo del Viento – Moñitos, in 21 kilometers, in addition to the construction of a new bridge in the sector of ‘La Doctrina ‘.

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The work had an investment of 45 billion pesos and would mark an important aspect for the tourism development of the region.

The works began and a few days later the AGC demanded money to let them work in the area and see the road completed.

Apparently they demanded a billion pesos from the contractors, who refused to pay the money.

It was then that several motorists fired at the machinery and workers who worked in the concession, while threatening to burn the backhoes, bulldozers, and other elements and attack the workers.

“A meeting was held in Lorica and it was agreed to restart the work on January 26 with the presence of the National Navy, who would take care of the workers and the machinery and this was never fulfilled,” said Luis Sandoval, a driver in the area.

They returned the contract

The governor, the mayors of Lorica, San Bernardo and Moñitos have remained silent, apparently out of fear of the Clan del Golfo, while the region sinks into oblivion

The situation forced the BCM company to return the contract to the National Institute of Roads -Invías-, deliver the resources received and leave the work abandoned with a detriment to the region.

“So far no authority has ruled on the issue. The governor, the mayors of Lorica, San Bernardo and Moñitos have remained silent, apparently out of fear of the Clan del Golfo, while the region is sunk into oblivion”, he affirms.

He says that not even the so-called Pact for the Gulf of Morrosquillo signed by President Duque has reached this area of ​​Córdoba.

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The contractors affirm that the same situation occurs in other municipalities, such as Lorica itself, San Pelayo, Tierralta, Chinú, Sahagún, the south of Córdoba and many more.

“In those regions, the Self-Defense Forces are in charge. Nothing moves without their consent, the authorities know the mayors too and nothing happens, everything remains the same ”, they indicate.

They fear that now for this time of elections the situation will increase in the Department.

Francisco Javier Barrios
special for time

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