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Neiva receives Colombia Sanjuanera! • The nation

Neiva and Huila, today welcome the candidates from the different departments that will participate in this 62nd edition of the Bambuco Festival in San Juan and San Pedro. Starting today, the party will take place for the 23 candidates who will demonstrate their beauty, talent and culture in the most important folkloric reign in the country. The welcome parade is scheduled for 9 in the morning along the official route.

Hernan Galindo

During four days, 23 candidates from the same number of political-administrative regions of Colombia will work in marathon days to win the recognition of the jury and the people in their attempt to become the new National sovereign of Bambuco.

Parades, dances, meetings, interviews and the closing with the interpretation of the choreography of the Sanjuanero Huilense, will be the step by step for the new sovereign 2023.

Here is the bouquet of candidates who from today adorn the festivities.

Neiva receives Colombia Sanjuanera!  8 June 29, 2023María Camila León Bedoya- Miss Antioquia. Valentina Isabela Mantilla Ardila- Miss Arauca. Isabella Sofía Henríquez – Miss Atlántico. Andrea Carolina Verbel Saumeth. Miss Barranquilla

Neiva receives Colombia Sanjuanera!  9 June 29, 2023
Valeria Fierro Sánchez- Miss Bogotá. Yomar Alarcón Rodríguez – Miss Boyacá. Samara Valderrama Sánchez – Miss Caquetá. Laura Ximena Ramos Camacho- Miss Casanare.
Neiva receives Colombia Sanjuanera!  10 June 29, 2023
Ana Belén Trochez Obando – Miss Cauca. María José Martínez Arévalo – Miss Cesar. María José Torres López – Miss Córdoba. Leidy Natalia Domínguez Farias- Miss Cundinamarca.
Neiva receives Colombia Sanjuanera!  11 June 29, 2023
Layda Carolina Monsalve Moscote- Miss Guajira. Liz Mariana Claros Peña- Miss Huila. Nicole Diaz Sotomayor- Miss Magdalena. Camila Cano- Miss Medellín.
Neiva receives Colombia Sanjuanera!  12 June 29, 2023
Kelly Natalia Castaño Naranjo- Miss Meta. Julieth Velásquez – Miss Nariño. María José Ramírez – Miss Quindío. Ana Sofía Urbina Alvarado – Miss – Santa Marta.
Neiva receives Colombia Sanjuanera!  13 June 29, 2023
Katherin Ximena López – Miss- Santander. Andrea Marcela Carrillo Villarreal – Miss Tolima. Valentina Villarreal- Miss Valle.

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