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Day without a car in Bucaramanga: June 27, some of the exceptions – Other Cities – Colombia

The authorities of the municipalities corresponding to the metropolitan area of ​​Bucaramanga already have everything ready for the day of the Day without a car and motorcycle that will take place this Tuesday, June 27.

For 12 hours, Santandereans will not be able to travel with their private vehicles, since the restriction It will be from 6 in the morning until 6 in the afternoon.

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So if you belong to the municipalities of Girón, Piedecuesta or Floridablanca, as well as the northern capital of SantanderIt is important that you keep in mind who will be able to circulate during this day.

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Between 6:00 am and 6:00 pm, private cars will not be able to circulate in the area.

Entities that provide health and safety assistance

According to the municipal mayor’s office, the entities that provide a health and control function will be able to circulate through the streets normally.

Vehicles of the Red Cross, firefighters, civil defense and garbage collectors.

Military forces: Criminal Police, UNP, Prosecutor’s Office and dedicated to the transport of state officials, fully identified.

Traffic and Control Authorities

Transportation of the health area, such as ambulances, private individuals driven by doctors, paramedics and nurses who carry out urgent tasks demarcated with identification of the company or medical center, as well as logistical material.

Public services and public transport vehicles

Electric cars, hearses, vehicles that transport energy equipment, telephone, aqueduct, sewerage, gas, traffic lights and signaling that are demarcated.

Public transport of collective and individual passengers, municipal, departmental and national, be it taxis or buses.

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Special service vehicles dedicated to the transport of students, tourist providers, linked to legal and identified companies.

driven cars or whose passengers are people with disabilities.

It is worth clarifying that motorcycles or cars that need enter the metropolitan area can do so as long as they show the payment of the last toll, issued the same day, according to municipal authorities.

Companies that supply food, values ​​and technology

Transportation of values ​​that provide protection and security to the people who, with prior certification from the state, have been assigned to them.

Cranes, car workshops, surveillance and private security companies, whether they have shielding equal to or greater than three

Those driven by merchandisers, preventers, promoters and promoters only with the driver and duly identified.

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Motorcyclists linked to companies, technological platforms that provide the home service for pets, food and medicines used exclusively for that purpose and duly identified.

Transportation of non-perishable food with full identification.

The idea of ​​this conference is to encourage sustainable and responsible mobility in terms of the use of motorcycles and automobiles, according to Fabian Fontecha, Deputy Director of Transportation for the Bucaramanga Metropolitan Area.

“This is a scenario in which walking, cycling and public transport will be protagonists and will allow us to strengthen our intention to promote habits of conscious use of cars and motorcycles, in order to reduce environmental pollution and the disproportionate use of public space in its storage”, expressed Fontecha in an interview for El TIEMPO.

Called to comply with the regulations against informal transport in the country.


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