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White party in El Campestre • La Nación

The traditional White Festival was held at the Neiva Country Club. Attendees enjoyed live performances.

White party in El Campestre 14 June 26, 2023

Jimmy Puentes, Alejandra Ramos, Ana Isabel Valencia and Rodrigo Lara Sánchez.

White party in the Campestre 15 June 26, 2023

Karla Trujillo, Álvaro Vanegas, María Vanegas, Lina Montenegro and Luis Guillermo Pérez.

White party in the Campestre 16 June 26, 2023

Ana María Alarcón, Ceidy Valenzuela, Leidy Muñoz, Eliana Barrero, Zueley Silva, Marcela Do Santos and Natalia Ortiz.

White party in El Campestre 17 June 26, 2023

Jennifer Chavarría, Liliana Ocampo, Angélica Rodríguez, Natalia Vargas and Marcela Do Santos.

White party in El Campestre 18 June 26, 2023

Clara Prado, Cathe Fierro, Adriana Cabrera, Martha Obregon, Luisa Puentes, and Lina Prado.

White party in El Campestre 19 June 26, 2023

Camilo Rojas, Leydi Alvarez, Juan David Romero, Claudia Villarreal, Christian Sastoque, Claudia Medina and Eduard Penagos.

White party in El Campestre 20 June 26, 2023

Rented, those in charge of entertaining the white party.

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