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Cali: strategy with which they seek to make the San Antonio neighborhood safe – Cali – Colombia

The traditional San Antonio neighborhood, full of color, history and sheltered by a spirit of artistic vocation, is one of the main tourist references in the capital of Valle del Cauca.

That is why from the Government of Valle they have set themselves as the main purpose strengthen security in this sector to prevent violent and criminal acts and make it more secure and attractive.

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To do this, they announced that they will use the ‘Cali, let’s smile again’ strategy, which includes more foot power at rush hour, installation of alarms, cameras and expansion of the Cali Metropolitan Police fleet.

Initiatives such as Camina San Antonio are carried out in the neighborhood.

“We are very happy today from the San Antonio Hill in Cali with this campaign and committing ourselves to reinforce the security of this important tourist area so that the people of Cali and arriving visitors feel safe and they can enjoy the neighborhood,” said Luis Alfonso Chávez, governor in charge of the Valley.

(In addition: Street robberies: Cali residents say that it is the most serious problem and more so in strata 1 and 2).

Meanwhile, the Secretary of Coexistence and Citizen Security of the Valley, Camilo Murcia, explained that this challenge of achieving security in this tourist sector of the city includes strengthening “those ties between the Public Force, the community and the merchants, and We are doing it with the measures implemented by the Police and with the work that our Coexistence Managers will carry out”.

“Thirty of them will be present and the idea is that the community makes complaints in a preventive manner and within the framework of this, lead San Antonio to be a ‘Ground Zero’, that is, a neighborhood with zero crimes, zero coexistence problems and zero homicides”, added the official during the official presentation of this initiative.

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