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Huilense Achira Day • La Nación

The Achira Huilense, is a very traditional food product in Colombian gastronomy, whose preparation is based on achira or sago starch, to which fresh curd, butter and egg yolks are added and then baked, resulting in a delicious, very native galguería. Its presentation is cylindrical in shape, with variable dimensions, between 3 to 8 centimeters long and a diameter between 1 to 2 centimeters. Its texture is sandy and golden yellow in color, without artificial coloring; with a mild dairy aroma. The Achiras del Huila are very famous, since they have a crunchy, sandy structure and melt gently on the palate. Undoubtedly, a food very typical of Huilenses.

However, despite being a product categorized with a Huilense denomination of origin, according to Resolution 23115 of April 20, 2012 of the Superintendency of Industry and Commerce, Achira is not only prepared in Huila, but also in the department from Tolima, Cundinamarca, in the south of Cauca and in Nariño. Hence, it is necessary to generate an entire administrative and political strategy, to continue empowering our Huilense producers and that day by day they are consolidated in the Achira market in Colombia.

Then, an initiative approved by the Assembly of Huila arises, where every June 20 of each year; The “Day of the Achira Huilense” was established within the celebration of the festivities of San Juan and San Pedro. That is why today the contest for the best Huilense achira will take place, with the “Achira de mi Tierra” award. This event becomes relevant, since it is an activity of social and cultural interest, articulated with the municipalities, in order to recognize the farmers and the people who are dedicated to the production and commercialization of this product in the region.

As Huilenses and Neivanos, we must actively participate in this very special day, “Día del Achira Huilense” which will take place in La Plazoleta de Banderas of the Huila Governorate, with the participation of 30 achira producers from the Department, with a variety of products, various presentations, which invite participants to live a different gastronomic experience.

Let’s make this “achiraton” consolidate and have an impact at the national level, as a commercial showcase, for those who camel in the production of the achira huilense cake. Hopefully, it will also be the day to verify, how are we doing with the achira route in the Corregimiento de Fortalecillas de Neiva? And if we are articulating it with these departmental initiatives? Let’s not forget that unity is strength. Happy Huilense Achira Day!

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