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The winners of the Mono Núñez Festival, in Geneva in 2023 – Cali – Colombia

The grand finale of the Mono Núñez Colombian Andean Music Festival 2023 To meet the winners, people lived with emotion to the rhythm of guitar strings and tiples, in the heart of Valle del Cauca.

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The live applause at the Gerardo Arellano Becerra Coliseum, in Geneva, fueled the support for the finalists from among more than 120 artists on stage, in the four days of the event, since last Thursday.

Many of them, as in recent years, young people who showed mastery, interpreting the country’s music.

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Of that number, 10 finalists came out, five of which, in instrumental mode and the other five, in vocal.

Governor Clara Luz Roldán and the president of the board of directors of the National Promusic Foundation of Geneva (Funmúsica) -organizing entity of the event-, Julián Peña, highlighted the 49 years of Mono Núñez.

The winners of The Mono Núñez Grand Prize were Sincopa 2, from Bogotá, in the instrumental modality. This group also won as the best instrumental group.

Winners of the Mono Núñez in vocal, Tinna Méndez.


Funmúsica and Mono Núñez Festival

He The Mono Núñez Grand Prize, in the solo category, went to Tinna Méndez, from Bogotá, who was also the best vocal soloist.

The Briceño Yáñez award for best vocal duet went to the Aire Andino duet, from Quindío.

Colombian concert at Mono Núñez.


Funmúsica and Mono Núñez Festival

Of more than 120 participants on stage, 10 finalists came out, five of which, in instrumental mode and the other five, in vocal

the other winners who met in the final were, like best vocal performer the tribute to Luis Alberto Osorio, Diego Sinisterra Sánchez award winner, Tinna Méndez, from Bogotá; best instrumental performerthe work of the master Guillermo Quevedo Zornoza, the Diego Sinisterra Sánchez award went to Sincopa 2, in Bogotá, and best treble player with the Pacho Benavides award is Juan Diego Beltrán, from Santander, from Típlico Dúo.

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best bandit with the Diego Estrada Montoya award is Ana Sofía Leal, from Boyacá, from Convite Instrumental Benigno Núñez EMT, and best requintistaJorge Ariza Lindo Award winner is Andrés Felipe Cely, from the Cely Triana Trio, from Boyacá.

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The best guitarist with the prize donated by maestro Lucho Vergara is Carolina García, from Quindío and best tip player, accompanist with the prize donated by maestro Pablo Hernán Rueda, is Juan José Giraldo, from Bogotá.

In unpublished work in vocal modality they won:

First place

Father and Lord – Bambuco – Risaralda
Author and composer: Sebastián Valdivieso
Performer: Sebastian Valdivieso

Second place

Happiness, Bambuco – Narino
Author and composer: Doris Chávez
Performer: Karen Munoz

Third place

An ember – Bambuco-Valle
Author and composer: Santiago Patiño
Performer: Isabella Perlaza

In unpublished work Instrumental modality:

first place

The banks of Pacho – Bambuco – Bogotá
Composer: German Darío Pérez
Performer: Francisco Rivera

Second place

The sun of Malú – Bambuco – Huila
Composer: Victor Hugo Reina
Performer: Victor Hugo Reina

Third place

To my old man – Hallway – Bogotá
Composer: Pablo San Juan
Performer: Pablo San Juan

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