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Andrés Escobar: Prosecutor’s Office accuses him of shooting civilians and threats – Cali – Colombia

For shots with a traumatic weapon as the alleged crime of usurpation of public functions and use or release of dangerous substances or objectsthe Prosecutor’s Office accused Andrés Escobar.

Escobar is the man who, during the national strike, on May 28, 2021, appeared in a controversial video with a traumatic weapon, in the Ciudad Jardín neighborhood, in southern Cali, shooting at civilians, according to the Prosecutor’s Office. He appears with policemen.

The accusation occurred after a specialized court in Cali decided to suspend the hearing in which it was expected that Escobar was charged for his alleged participation in violent acts during that social outbreakwhich struck hard in the capital of the Valley.

“The Office of the Attorney General of the Nation formally accused five civilians and four uniformed officers who would be involved in several illegal actions against a group of protesters, on May 28, 2021, in the Ciudad Jardín sector, in Cali (Valle del Cauca )”, they pointed out in the judicial body.

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They also added a new crime against Escobar to the accusation: aggravated threats.

four other civilians They were also charged for the alleged crimes of usurpation of public functions, and the use or release of dangerous substances or objects.

At this moment the trial against Escobar begins, who in previous months had announced his intention to run as a candidate for the Cali Council.

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In total they are 12 police officers and four civilians linked to this file.

The defense of Andrés Escobar and another of the defendants have been challenging the competence of the specialized judge.

Therefore, in February, that hearing was suspended. The file went to the Superior Court of Cali.

Four police officers are being investigated, allegedly, for torturing and unjustly depriving transferred youths of their liberty who had been transferred to a CAI in Cali.

Two more officers and six more uniformed men are being investigated for the alleged commission of prevarication by omission against the acts of civilians, such as Andrés Escobar.

After the video that went viral, in 2021, Escobar assured that it was a blank weapon and that he had up-to-date documents.

On May 30, 2021, Escobar said that he would have used such a weapon to deter “vandals” that, supposedly, they were going to burn a CAI, in the exclusive Ciudad Jardín neighborhood, in the south of Cali.

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He said: “My name is Andrés Escobar and on May 28 I went out to defend my life, for my family whoever defends himself is more likely to have problems with the law than the perpetrator himself.”

He said that the Armed Forces need guarantees and strengthening, as well as an improvement in their salaries.

Andrés Escobar later offered an apology and said that “weapons are not the way.”

The victims’ lawyer asks that those involved be sent to prison.
for the alleged crimes of torture, kidnapping, personal injury, conspiracy to commit a crime, disappearance and attempted homicide.

In July 2022, another video was released, in which it is observed that Escobar is beaten. The event happened on a street in southern Cali.


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