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‘Back 2 School’: the band from Barranquilla that mixes rock and Caribbean sounds – Barranquilla – Colombia

‘Back 2 School’ is a pop punk band from Barranquilla, which was formed about 11 years ago as a project between friends who finished school and entered university life, and who today have become a big family that shares big plans and future goals.

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Javy Ripolltheir drummer; Nelson Argote and Warren Argote, guitarists; Alberto de la Hoz, in bass; and the only female voiceDiana Rico, make up the group, which for just over a decade have known how to capture feelings, emotions and everyday situations with their label, which mixes influences from Californian punk rock and Caribbean rhythms.

The band has participated in various festivals nationwide.


Courtesy ‘Back 2 School’

Over time we wanted to make music that was more mature, more technical.

Its songs deal with topics such as love and personal situations of its members.

“’Back 2 School’ was born with the intention of evoking the nostalgia of the bands we grew up with, adding evolution and giving it a characteristic style that identifies us all, such as naturalness and an unpretentious sound, rather than having fun and communicate with the music we make”, explained Javy Ripoll, one of the leaders.

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Ripoll recognizes that in that Caribbean influence that they wanted to impregnate, there are rhythms like the champeta.

“Over time we have wanted to make more mature, more technical music, but without leaving behind those roots and the energetic and warm sound from here on the Coast and that we transmit through the songs,” said Nelson Argote. , one of the guitarists.

And yes, there is something that characterizes this band, it is its authenticity and energy, which has remained despite the fact that they have experienced some changes of members, and the obstacles they have had to overcome, because things have not been easy on this path.

They attribute their good reception among the public to the desire to do something different.

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“We always wanted to go to that side of the anglo music, that it was a different sound and out of the everyday. That different thing caught our attention and also allowed us to connect and to be well received from the beginning because we found other people who also wanted something different in the city”, stated Ripoll.

Currently, the band performs in different nightclubs and musical stages not only in Barranquilla, but also in cities such as Medellín, Montería, Santa Marta, Bogotá, Valledupar, among others, where they enjoy total success.

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