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Junior fans say goodbye to Sebastián Viera with songs – Barranquilla – Colombia

Without understanding yet the decision made by common agreement between Junior and Sebastian Viera, After the contract ended (six were missing for his separation from the club), a group of shark fans met this Friday afternoon outside the Uruguayan goalkeeper’s home.

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With flags, drums, rags and songs, members of the band the Ravens They expressed their support for the rojiblanco idol, who commented on their disagreement with the departure, especially the way in which it occurred from the institution.

“I will be one more fan of Junior”

Thank you for the love you gave me in these 12 years

“Superman, Superman, Look Superman”were some of the songs that could be heard in unison when Viera appeared, along with his wife and children, on the balcony of his apartment.

The Uruguayan, who was still wearing the clothing of the Barranquilla team, smiled and raised his hand to greet and thank the fans for the gesture.

A few minutes later, the goalkeeper went down to the entrance of the building, and joined the group of fans. After a couple of hugs with some of them, the former captain took the floor and talked about his departure from the team.

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“I will be one more fan of Junior who says goodbye to the institution with pain today. I ask that we continue to support the team that has supported me for 12 years,” he said, before being interrupted by someone shouting that he was “the greatest in history.”

Sebastián thanked “the love they gave me in these more than 12 years. There have been many very strong, beautiful and sad moments,” he said with a broken voice.

Finally, the player assured that he is not leaving Barranquillawho will remain living in the city that welcomed him and the one that became his home, since he married here and had three children.

Viera summoned the fans to take a group photo as a thank you for their presence at the venue.

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Sebastián Viera Galaín had six months left on his contract with the club, however, it transpired that the goalkeeper was not in the coach’s plans Hernan Dario Gomez, situation that would have accelerated the player’s decision.

Viera Galaín spent twelve years defending the Junior goal, leaving a record of 7 titles, played 638 games and scored 13 goals. However, in 2023 he went from being captain and starter, to a substitute by decision of the ‘Roll’.

“I will always carry Junior in my soul”: Viera

With a moving message on his account instagramViera said goodbye to the city, the club and the fans.

“I arrived in Barranquilla without imagining that it would last so long in a city and a country that made me feel at home, and that now has become my home. I gave Junior the best of me, for more than 12 years. Joys, ups and downs, difficult moments, but always with all the professionalism, discipline and loyalty I defended the rojiblanco goal, ”he wrote.

The Uruguayan added that he hopes to “honorably leave an indelible mark on this club, where I have reaped many moments (…) tattooed on my skin and my heart forever.”

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He also assured that “with a lot of melancholy” he leaves “that number 1 of Junior and Captain will no longer be Sebastián Viera. I wish you much success and joy in the years to come. Goodbye Junior, they are special. Thank you for so much, they marked my life forever.

He also thanked the char familymanagers, teammates and above all, the fans.

“I’m not saying goodbye, because goodbye means leaving and leaving means forgetting, and I will always carry Junior in my soul,” concluded the goalkeeper, from whom it is unknown if his future is linked to another team or if, on the contrary, he retires.

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