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Prosecutor’s Office says that the Government returned to telephone hacks • La Nación

The Attorney General of the Nation, Francisco Barbosa Delgado, revealed that, as part of the investigations carried out by the entity for the loss of money in the residence of the Chief of Staff of the Presidency of the Republic, Laura Camila Sarabia Torres, established that the telephone lines of two former employees of the official were illegally intercepted to establish if they had knowledge of the whereabouts of the lost sum.

“Today is a very unfortunate day for the rule of law in Colombia. Today we can clearly say that the hacks, the illegal interceptions, have returned to Colombia,” said the Attorney General of the Nation.

In this regard, it indicated that on January 30 of this year, one day after Mrs. Sarabia Torres and her husband reported the loss of US$4,000, members of the DIJIN of the National Police prepared a report indicating the the need to tap the phones of the ex-nanny of the chief of staff’s son with the assumption that she would be the cook of alias Siopas, head of the Jairo de Jesús Durango substructure; and that of the person she helped with housework because she would be linked to the logistics component of alias Omar, the second leader of the aforementioned armed group.

With this document, the uniformed officers misled a prosecutor from the Specialized Directorate against Criminal Organizations, based in Chocó, who obtained authorization before a guarantee control judge to intercept the communications of the two women who had nothing to do with it. with what was embodied in the judicial police report.

“This is a mockery of our Judiciary because they use a false judicial police report to put it in Quibdó, in an organized crime office, because later this document has to be brought before a judge telling him that there is a Judicial Police report that says that there is certainty of information from a human source, since it is trusted by the leaders and members of the criminal organization,” emphasized the Attorney General of the Nation.

At this time, three different lines of investigation are advancing. One, due to the impact on the financial assets of Laura Camila Sarabia Torres, related to the loss of money in her home.

Another, for the practice of the polygraph on the former babysitter of the official’s son to establish his possible responsibility in the disappearance of the reported sum.

And the third, due to the illegal interception of the lines of the two former employees of the Chief of Staff of the Presidency of the Republic and other actions associated with this irregularity.

“In the next few days, interrogation with a defense attorney will be called and in some cases all those responsible for these events will be called to charge. Not only in this case, but in the facts that are under investigation in relation to this case, which involves a theft that took place and which involves practices that were denounced this week, and which are added to something that is grotesque in the country and is that the chuzadas have returned in Colombia”, pointed out the Prosecutor Barbosa Delgado

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