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Antioquia: strong accident between a bus and a truck, the driver was trapped – Medellín – Colombia

The driver of a truck was trapped between the cans when it crashed spectacularly with a bus on the road between Chigorodó and Medellín. Several people were injured and, in addition, the vehicles were seriously damaged.

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According to the images, due to the strong collision, both the bus and the truck left the road. The windows of the public service vehicle of the Sotraurabá company ended up mostly broken.

The crash caused the cans in the truck’s cabin to collapse and prevented the driver from evacuating. as soon as the crash was recorded on the morning of this Tuesday, May 30.

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Thanks to the reaction of the other drivers and neighbors, those affected were rescued. Some eight people were injured, including three seriously.

“We arrived and supported the ambulances that were passing through this sector at that time and also supported the emergency. We treated a person who was injured and transported him to the Chigorodó hospital,” said Jhony Saldarriaga, commander of the Chigorodó Fire Brigade, in Snail Radio.

According to the authorities, the truck would have tried to overtake another car, for which reason it would have invaded the lane and would have crashed head-on with the inter-municipal service bus.

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When can you not overtake on the highway?

The National Traffic Code indicates that drivers are prohibited in certain situations:

At intersections.

On curves or slopes.

When visibility is unfavorable.

On roads with a continuous center separating line.

In the vicinity of pedestrian crossings.

At railway intersections.

Over the shoulder or to the right of a vehicle.

In general, when the maneuver offers danger.

Overtaking in unindicated places puts your life at risk. He is also exposed to receiving a D6 subpoena for 30 current legal daily minimum wages, that is, more than $1,150,000.

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