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Coverage quotas enabled at the interest rate for beneficiaries of Mi Casa Ya • La Nación

Thanks to the articulation between the Ministry of Housing, City and Territory, the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit and the National Planning Department, interest rate coverage quotas were enabled within the framework of the Mi Casa Ya program.

Since November 2022, working groups began with both entities to achieve the qualification of the quotas, since it is a process that must take place in multiple stages and in which various entities of the national order are involved.

“We value the management of the different entities of the National Government committed to carrying out the necessary procedures to enable these quotas of great help for families, taking into account that interest rate coverage is a benefit that is granted during the first seven years. of the mortgage loan or housing leasing, thus reducing the monthly payment that households must pay”, said the Minister of Housing, Catalina Velasco Campuzano.

The new coverage quotas will allow households that already have an assignment resolution to advance in the home buying process.

For priority interest housing (VIP) a coverage equivalent to five (5) percentage points is granted and for social interest housing (VIS), a coverage equivalent to four (4) percentage points, which are applied to the credit or the housing leasing contract.

Mi Casa Ya also offers an initial payment subsidy equivalent to 30 current legal monthly minimum wages (SMMLV), for households classified between subgroups A1 and C8 of Sisbén IV, and households between C9 and D20 are granted a subsidy equivalent to 20 SMMLV. It is aimed at Colombians interested in acquiring a new home, who have not been beneficiaries of another housing subsidy or interest rate coverage, and who are not owners in the national territory. Interested households must complete the Sisbén IV survey and have a classification between A1 and D20 for urban and rural households.

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