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The tourist tram that will run in Barranquilla – Barranquilla – Colombia

The Mayor’s Office Barranquilla He published on his social networks the images of the ttourist train that are built in workshops Bogota and that it will enter service before the end of this year.

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The mechanical engineer Fabián Villa explains from the workshop, where the assembly of the vehicle can be seen, that the barranquilleros will have a trolley type tramwhich will have two driving cabins, one on each front.

It is an open vehiclewhich gives us the advantage of being able to enter through either of the two areas, be it right or left”, the engineer specifies in the video.

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It has capacity for 66 seated people and two wheelchairs. “It is an ecological tram, it works with batteriesVilla added.

Workers build the 2.6 kilometers of the route where the tram will run.


Vanexa Romero / EL TIEMPO

The two-car tram will run from the main station in the neighborhood Las Flores, to the beaches of Puerto Mocho. The journey is 2.6 kilometers.

To give life to this project and the tourist activity in the area, the District is building, along 2.6 kilometers, a train track, a strip of pedestrian path and a bike path, which will be complemented by a series of rooms and facilities that will facilitate the arrival of visitors and an experience consistent with sustainable tourism.

The mayor of Barranquilla, Jaime Pumarejo, He explained that there are almost two kilometers of the rail line where the train will travel.

“A good part already has the spaces for the rails and the train is being manufactured in Bogotá.” And he considered that “in practically 3 months the electric train carriages will be finished.

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