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They murdered a woman to take her baby from her – Other Cities – Colombia

With a smile that infected everyone and an immense joy, this is how Shaira, her cousin, describes Luz Neida Bettín, the young woman murdered, in Sahagún (Córdoba), in a state of pregnancy for remove her eight-month-old baby from the womb.

Shaira describes her as a great woman in the eyes of the whole world, who did not deserve what happened to her.

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She remembers the moments they lived as a child, affirming that they were sisters more than cousins ​​and promises to be aware of her baby at all times.

Luz Neida would have had a scene
of despair and who would have screamed

the cruel crime, according to the police, It would have happened around noon last Thursday. The young woman’s body was found at 3 pm by peasants, and the news was officially released at 9 pm.

The baby remains under medical observation. and is under the protection of Sahagún Family Welfare.

Like Shaira, the feeling of love of Sahagún’s relatives and inhabitants in general is the same, and they state that they only hope that justice will be done by punishing those responsible for his death.

The National Police in Córdoba provided some details of what happened to Luz Neida Bettín Baldovino, despite having appointed a special group to carry out the investigations.

They inquire about the degree of friendship that existed between the victim and the woman indicated in the case and some have stated that, apparently, there was a distant relationship, which would have allowed the rapprochement, planning to steal his son and commit his murder.

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It was learned that apparently those who committed the event that ended with the death of Luz Neida had the objective of removing the baby without the need to extract it violently and that they would have given her a medication so that she would have it naturally.

Likewise, that Luz Neida had a scene of despair and that she would have screamed when she was on a pasture in the jurisdiction of the Los Amarillos corregimiento and that this would have forced them to change their method.

Someone with knowledge intervened

Victim of the young woman in Córdoba. This woman would have murdered her.

According to the surgical procedure that was performed on the pregnant young woman, supposedly with a scalpel, the authorities presume that it was done by someone with knowledge of the subject.

This is how the investigations point to the search for a person with these characteristics and it is estimated that those who participated in the procedure are identified and would be captured in the next few hours.

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The authorities in Córdoba are in the process of providing the evidence collected and legalizing the capture of the alleged person directly involved in the murder of Luz Neida Bettín.

Francisco Javier Barrios
Special for EL TIEMPO

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