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companies must tell the government how much they pay their employees • La Nación

The objective of this point of the labor reform is to create ‘rankings’ on gender equality in medium and large companies.

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If the labor reform is approved as it was in the paper for the first debate that was filed with the support of the Government, the large companies must tell the government how much they pay each of their employees.

The text of the presentation, which has the support of the Government, includes a much longer article on the measurement of the wage gap between men and women in the country and proposes the creation of rankings on gender equality practices.

“For the purposes of the ranking referred to in the previous paragraph, medium-sized and large companies in the country will be obliged to submit annually the lists in which they report the number of workers linked by contract, indicating the positions, salaries, age, gender identity and if they are nationals or foreigners, points to the text.

Companies will be able to cross out the names and identity documents of their workers and although the information should not be used to sanction any company, according to the text it could be used to “design visits” and “improvement actions” when relevant disparities are found.

Unions would also be required to submit information and lists of their members including their gender identity; the only ones that would be saved from the petition are the micro and small companies.

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