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The Top 5 Santa Marta Cafes

Source: Origin Arte Sano

Colombia is well known around the world for its coffee. While much of it is produced in the coffee-growing region in the interior, the hills and mountains of the Sierra Nevada outside Santa Marta are another source of great coffee in Colombia. The coffee from this region tends to have more of a darker, chocolatey flavor. Learn the best places to have a cup of coffee in Santa Marta in this list of the best cafes in Santa Marta, Colombia. *We work with and recommend booking flights with

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  1. Origin Healthy Art
Source: Origin Arte Sano

First up on this list of the best places to have a cup of coffee in Santa Marta is a place whose name is a clever play on words between artisan and healthy art. The coffee here is greatbut so are the fresh fruit juices and food menu. Particularly for the health nuts, this will be at the top of the list of the best Santa Marta cafes as they serve up salads, smoothies, and tasty sandwiches, making it a good place to pop in for a meal as well. None of that is to say you will be disappointed if all you are looking for is a cup of coffee. That puts Origin Healthy Art at the top of this list of the best Santa Marta cafes.

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Source: Valeria’s Coffee Pub
  1. Valeria’s Coffee and Pub

Located in the heart of Santa Marta’s downtown historic center, Valeria’s is a small and cozy place with great coffee and good food. This top Santa Marta cafe is located on Calle 3 and is a good people-watching spot. There is also a full food menu and tasty cocktails on hand for those who want something besides coffee.

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  1. Elena Ice Cream Parlor and Coffee
Source: Elena Heladeria Café

Next up on this list of the best cafes in Santa Marta is a place that is most well known for its delicious desserts. Elena Ice Cream Parlor and Coffee serves up some terrific crepes and waffles with homemade ice cream and is the perfect place to satisfy your sweet tooth or your after-dinner dessert craving in Santa Marta. What goes best with a tasty dessert? A delicious coffee, of course. Those who like something sweet with their coffee will definitely not want to miss this Santa Marta cafe.

Source: Elena Heladeria Café

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  1. Aluna Sacred Coffee
Source: Aluna Sacred Coffee

Next up on this list of the best cafes in Santa Marta is a coffee shop outside the city proper. Aluna es located in the beach district of Rodadero, and serves up delicious coffee. They are especially well known for their espressos and have some of the best baristas in all of Santa Marta.

  1. While
source: while

Located in downtown Santa Marta, While It is a great place to hang out and sample some great coffee. Customers especially enjoy the chilled-out vibes and peace and quiet of having a cup of coffee here. They also rave about the muffins, and this is a good spot for other drinks as well. That has it rounding out our list of the best places to get a cup of coffee in Santa Marta.

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source: while

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