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Caleña murdered in Combita prison by an inmate she met through networks – Cali – Colombia

On the weekend dedicated to mothers, a tragic event occurred inside the Combita maximum security prison, in the department of Boyacá, Colombia.

Merly Andrea Rengifo Cuadros, 33 years old, mother of two children, died there at the hands of an inmate who had two trials, apparently related to violence against women.

from the industry siloamas the hillside that integrates a dozen neighborhoods and sectors of Calitraveled Merly Andrea Rengifo Paintings since Friday.

His destination was the maximum security penitentiary establishment of Combita, in the Boyacá municipality that bears that name.

It was a bus trip, with transfers, to cover more than 600 kilometers and about 20 hours of travel.

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Merly Andrea Rengifo Cuadros, murdered in Combita prison.

On Thursday, Merly informed her mother that she was going to visit that jail. A sister of hers says that the advice was not worth it for her to give up going to those places.

“Daughter, be careful,” the mother told her, but she told her that nothing would happen. Among the closest to her was always the question about those trips, a sister of the victim told Radio Reloj in Cali.

He had met the man through social networks, according to comments to his relatives. He had told her that he was for some crimes, but something like extortion. But the man would weigh a sentence for the death of another woman.

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The advice was not valid because Marly would have had a disagreement with the intern.

At 6:00 in the morning on Sunday, he spoke with the mother and told her that he was already going for the visit. At 10:00 in the morning, grief came with a call alerting them to the death of Marly.

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The preliminary report indicates that the attacker was an inmate who had been sentenced to 20 and 24 years in prison for the deaths of two women in Cali and Policarpa, Nariño.

Merly died almost instantly from stab wounds. the aggressor would then have come out to confess the murder before the Penitentiary Guard.

Efraín Sarmiento Cuero had been prosecuted for the femicide of Jacqueline Muñoz Ojeda, on November 3, 2018 in a hotel in the municipality of Policarpa, Nariño.

The man would have already been related to the death of his ex-girlfriend Cristiana Mendoza Maya, in Cali in 2027.

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