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Top 5 Santa Marta Bars

Source: Charlie’s Bar

While Santa Marta might not be known for its nightlife as much as Cartagena or Medellín, it is still in Colombia so rest assured, you’ll be able to have a fun time out in the town. Learn the best places to do so in this list of the best bars in Santa Marta, Colombia. *We work with and recommend booking flights with

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  1. Charlie’s Bar

Located in the heart of downtown Santa Marta, Charlie’s Bar kicks off our list of the best Santa Marta bars. The tables outside make for a good people-watching spot, especially during happy hour. Inside, you’ll hear a variety of music played ranging from rock to blues.

Source: Charlie’s Bar

This top bar in Santa Marta makes for a happy medium between those looking to chill out with some drinks and those looking to get their dance on.

  1. The rooftop
Source: The Rooftop

When in the hot climate of Colombia’s Caribbean coast, there’s really nothing that quite tops hanging out on a rooftop, enjoying a nice breeze and fresh air. That is what lands La Azotea second on our list of the best Santa Marta bars. Located on a rooftop in downtown Santa Martayou’ll not only find good drink mixes here but also a good mix of music with everything from house to rock to hip hop to salsa. It is without a doubt one of the best places to go dancing in Santa Marta.

Source: The Rooftop

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  1. The Pirate Bodeguita
Source: La Bodeguita
Source: La Bodeguita

Next up on this list of the best places to get drinks in Santa Marta is The Pirate Bodeguita. Much like the Bodeguita del Medio in Havana, it is a tiny place with an outsize atmosphere. It is one of the best place to party in Santa Marta and known for its good music to go along with good drinks. It can get crowded though, so be sure to get there early for a good spot and be sure to dress and dance to impress.

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  1. oh lala the door
Source: Oh LaLa The Door

The fourth place on this list of Santa Marta bars is the nightclub oh lala the door. It is a popular place to party in Santa Marta for the younger crowd, locals, and visitors alikand. You should expect to hear a mix of salsa, latin pop, electronic, and reggaeton here. It is definitely a great place to go out dancing in Santa Marta.

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  1. Crab’s Bar
Source: Crabs Bar
Source: Crabs Bar

The last place on our list of the best Santa Marta bars is a place for those looking strictly for rock music. The walls in Crab’s Bar are covered with vintage photos of the rockers from yonder years. If you’re looking for a break from salsa, reggaeton, and Latin pop, this is the place to go. Look for the red building and the crab sign outside to find this great rock bar in Santa Marta.

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