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Cartagena: three school principals are captured for alleged corruption – Other Cities – Colombia

Three rectors of official educational institutions In Cartagena, an alleged lawyer and four contractors who apparently committed acts of corruption were prosecuted by the prosecution.

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The measure affected Juan Carlos Castillo Castilla, Robinson Orozco Complaint and Remberto de Jesús Navas Morenowho work as directors of educational establishments.

The contractors, Hernando Vargas Morales, who worked as a lawyer without having a professional title, Luz Emilia Montalvo Castellano, Ubiter del Carmen Álvarez Padilla and Enoelia García Flórez were also insured.

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The managers Juan Carlos Castillo Castilla, Robinson Orozco Quejada and Remberto de Jesús Navas Moreno.


Caribbean Contractopedia

According to the research, the alleged irregularities would have occurred during the covid-19 pandemic, between 2020 and 2021in the celebration of 20 contracts that the academics made to link Vargas Morales, who was not a lawyer, and the other contractors with a patrimonial detriment of more than 500 million pesos.

None of the contractual processes complied with the established legal requirements nor did they have the execution supports that would support their compliance.

“None of the contractual processes, whose purpose was to prepare primers and educational material, design manuals for the recruitment and operation of schools, and provide legal advice, among others; they complied with the established legal requirements nor did they have the execution supports that would support their compliance,” the Prosecutor’s Office reported.

Likewise, the accusing body assured that the educational institutions also entered into contracts with a maintenance company, where the false lawyer was the legal representative to improve the facilities, works that were not carried out and that affected the heritage of public resources that benefit the education of boys and girls from vulnerable sectors of Cartagena.

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Overview of Cartagena.


Yomaira Grandett / EL TIEMPO

“Likewise, divisions were identified in said contracts that did not exceed the amount of 20 legal minimum wages so that the direct contracting modality would be allowed, evading that of adequate selection,” the investigation specifies.

During the preliminary hearings, the prosecuting entity accused the defendants, according to their individual responsibilities, of contract crimes without compliance with legal requirements, embezzlement by appropriation, ideological falsehood in a public document and falsehood in a private document. The charges were not accepted.

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By judicial order, the three rectors and the alleged lawyer must comply with the security measures in the prison, while the contractors will do so in their places of residence.


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