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Cartagena: they handed over their homes to the District and now they seize it – Other Cities – Colombia

In 2011, nearly 600 homes in the San Francisco neighborhood, located on the slopes of the Popa hill in CartagenaThey lived through one of the worst tragedies recorded in this city, after a geological fault occurred that left them with nothing.

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Although nearly 12 years have passed, the drama for these families does not stop, because not only did they have to take legal action so that a judge could order the National Governmentlocal ly indemnify them; They have also had to demand transparency in the process, because the names of people who did not reside in the area have appeared.

As if all this were not enough, now they denounce that the Cartagena Mayor’s Office seized them, because they owe the property tax on some houses that no longer exist.

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The situation was disclosed Inés Naar and Antonio Corrales, who took the spokesperson for those affected and recounted that several they have not been able to receive the subsidies of rents, because your accounts are garnished.

“This is an inexplicable situation, because the households they are no longer theirs. When the tragedy occurred, everyone left there and those properties were left to the Mayor’s Office. Several of the affected received social interest housing. Clearly they cannot answer for something that is not theirs,” Naar explained.

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Inés assures that this area was invaded by other people and although they have denounced, no authority has exercised control to prevent another emergency from registering in that sector, “we cannot let an invasion continue to grow in San Franciscowe have waited 11 years for them to pay us and there is a sentence where they condemned the Ministry of Housing and the District and we cannot collect material damage, since it was blocked”.

What does the Mayor say?

After making this complaint known, the Mayor’s Office of Cartagena through a statement assures that, “the Property tax It is a lien of a real nature that falls on real estate located in the urban and rural jurisdiction of the District of Cartagena and is generated by the mere existence of the property.”

Under this argument they indicate that the Ministry of Finance is in the obligation to liquidate and collect Property Tax from all those properties whose registration pages are legally active and are part of the district cadastre of Cartagena. Failure to do so would constitute an omission in the performance of their functions, with the respective consequences of the law.

Despite the fact that recently the cadastral update of the city, these homes were not excluded, according to the Treasury Office.

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“Although it is true, the properties located in the geological fault of the San Francisco and Nueva Granada neighborhoods today do not incorporate construction, it is also evident that, juridicallysuch properties exist as non-built properties, since they are part of the cadastre and, consequently, the registration pages are still active in the registry of public instruments with full legal validity”, the statement details.

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