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16 people were captured on the festive bridge of ‘Labor Day’ • La Nación

In the deployment of the police service, results stand out such as the capture of a 23-year-old man known as ‘Cofla’ required by an INTERPOL blue circular for the crime of qualified and aggravated theft; the capture in flagrante delicto of a 41-year-old man, who was transporting 8,500 grams of coca base on a motorcycle, using the cove modality; and the arrest by court order of a 36-year-old man, who was required for the crime of qualified and aggravated robbery in order to serve a 12-year prison sentence.

Likewise, the seizure of 1,620 grams of marijuana, 86 doses of bazuco ready for sale, the recovery of two motorcycles and a cell phone with a report of theft.

A total of 2,708 calls received a total of 2,708 calls to the 123 emergency line, highlighting among these: 246 due to a fight, 223 due to disturbance of public peace, 63 due to drug use and 42 due to the presence of suspicious persons.

In the application of the National Code of Citizen Security and Coexistence, 48 subpoena orders were imposed for behaviors contrary to coexistence, as follows: 20 for carrying short sharp weapons, 06 for participating in a fight, 06 for using a cell phone with a report of loss or theft, 04 for disrespect to authority, 02 for consumption of psychoactive substances, 01 for suspension of the activity at a commercial establishment and 09 more, for other behaviors.

As a balance of the day of mobilization, where around 600 people marched through the streets of the city in commemoration of Labor Day, some minor events were recorded related to the creation of graffiti in some parts of the city. However, the general behavior of the participants was adequate, allowing no more events affecting public safety and tranquility to be recorded.

Colonel Juan Pablo Ruiz Rodríguez, commander of the Neiva Metropolitan Police, stated: “The different plans that were carried out during the weekend with the Labor Day holiday bridge, allowed us to have these results in favor of coexistence and citizen security .

We thank the majority of people who participated in the mobilization day, showing good behavior.”

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