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It is surprising that the bridge fell when military cars passed – Cali – Colombia

The Colombian Chamber of Western Sectional Infrastructure requested the National government that “the causes that determined the collapse of the El Alambrado bridge over the La Vieja river be investigated in depth.”

The streak of collapses and damage to road infrastructure causes everything from alarm, concern to conjectures due to these events in six months on the roads to Rosas (Cauca), Buenaventura, Buga, Dagua and Armenia.

Authorities have not yet ruled out hypotheses or those that speak of gangs or dissidents after some of the road damage.

The call to National government to clarify the causes of the collapse of the El Alambrado bridge, over the La Vieja river, in the connection between Caicedonia and Seville (Valle) with Armenia, the capital of Quindío.

In that fracture of the bridge, two policemen died and another 15 people suffered injuries. Mayor José David Márquez Flórez and patrolman Nelson Fabián Salgado Pérez They were the dead uniformed officers and it was specified that they were drivers of two National Police cars, attached to the Simón Bolívar Police School.

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“It is not clear and surprising the fall of the bridge, on April 12, 2023, just when vehicles from the Armed forces with quartermaster material, which did not exceed the limit capacities of the bridge in terms of loaded weight, in the same way it is not, the position of the vehicles as evidenced by the different photographs disseminated”, says the president of the CCI Occidente, Jose Alejandro Amezquita.

José Fernando Amezquita, director of the CCI Occidente.

To meet the needs of the affected communities, the concessionaire conditioned alternate routes and proposing the construction of a new bridge to address the emergency within a period of up to 4 months.

It argues that “although the El Alambrado bridge, which connects the north of the department of Valle del Cauca with Quindío, was built in 1964 by the Ministry of Public Works and was delivered to the concessionaire Autopistas del Café in 2006”

It ensures that this road structure was immediately repowered with adjustments to the current load capacities.

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Amézquita reports that “the last review of the bridge carried out at the beginning of this year shows that its structure did not present any risk or alarm, which would show that the bridge could collapse, as confirmed by the report published by the National Infrastructure Agency ( ANI), on its website.

In a statement, the CCI spokesman points out that “while the authorities clarify what happened, we highlight the opportune action of the concessionaire in charge of the road”

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To meet the needs of the affected communities in the following way: conditioning alternate roads and proposing, within a period of up to 4 months, the construction of a new bridge that meets the emergency and the requirements of the road corridor, once they obtain the respective permits for his execution.”

From the CCI Occidente, Amézquita expresses “our availability to support the concessionaire by contributing our technical knowledge in the case to deal with the situation.”

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