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In Huila, alias ‘Cardona’, a dangerous leader of the Farc dissidents, was captured • La Nación

According to information from the authorities, this man, responsible for several terrorist attacks and for whom the authorities offered a reward of up to 200 million pesos, was captured when he was moving along the highways of Huila.

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Uniforms from the Traffic and Transportation Section of the Huila Police captured Yhon Jairo Basto, alias ‘Cardona’, second in command of the ‘Carlos Patiño’ column of the Farc dissidents that operate in the departments of Cauca, Nariño, Valley, Huila and Tolima.

The capture of alias ‘Cardona’ took place on the Candelaria-Laberinto road, in the municipality of Paicol, in Huila, when he was traveling in a vehicle with two other individuals who were supposedly his bodyguards.

“Alias ​​’Cardona’ was moving in a vehicle from the department of Cauca with two other subjects who would be his escorts, noticing the presence of the traffic uniforms who stopped him, these men fled, being captured two kilometers later. in the jurisdiction of the municipality of Paicol Huila”, says the report of the authorities.

According to information from the authorities, this man offered 100 million pesos to the uniformed men to avoid their capture. “Alias ​​’Cardona’ offered a large sum of money to our uniformed officers, 100 million pesos in charge of his capture so that they would let him go, and after he stated that he was undocumented, a situation that aroused the suspicion of the police officers who proceeded to identify him. fully and establish that it was this ringleader”, said the Commander of the Huila Police Department, Colonel Gustavo Camargo.

At the end of the guarantee control hearings, a judge issued a detention order in a prison for this 41-year-old man.

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