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The alleged murderer of ‘Satan’ fell • La Nación

Officials of the Technical Investigation Corps; With the support of the Military Gaula, they captured Carlos Alfredo Arrigui Villabona, alias ‘Elástico’, in the village of Pueblo Nuevo de Natagaima, Tolima, who according to the investigations would be responsible for the murder of Yan Carlos García Guzmán, known as ‘Satanás’ –

This person was required to comply with a security measure in a prison as possible responsible for the crime that occurred on February 5 in the El Bosque neighborhood of Neiva, Huila.

The death of the fatal victim occurred in the development of a fight with a knife, possibly initiated by the claim of a cell phone; allegedly stolen. The confrontation between the deceased and the defendant was with a knife, where García Guzmán received a stab wound at the height of his head that compromised one of his arteries, causing his death when he was transferred to the care center.

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