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Man went fishing at the dam and was killed on his way home • La Nación

Five bullet wounds cost the existence of Carlos Andrés Sánchez Zapata, who was the father of two minors. The man had left for the Maco port sector in the village of Vilaco Bajo de Hobo, to fish. On the return to his home, he was intercepted by his executioner who took his life. The authorities are investigating whether the crime is related to his economic activity.

A new act of blood was registered in the center of the department of Huila. According to preliminary information, a 33-year-old fisherman was shot to death in a rural area of ​​the Hobo municipality. Crime is a matter of investigation.

He was an artisanal fisherman

The information provided by an official source indicates that the fatality is Mr. Carlos Andrés Sánchez Zapata, who on the afternoon of last Tuesday had gone out to carry out his fishing activities in the Betania Dam.

“The father of the deceased today named Esteban Sánchez indicated that his son had left for the municipality of Hobo at approximately 6:00 in the afternoon, and noticing his absence, he went out to look for him, finding him dead,” said a police source.

The crime

The murder took place very close to the Puerto Maco sector in the village of Vilaco Bajo in the town of Obeña. The man’s body was found on the side of the road with five bullet wounds in different parts of his body.

It should be noted that, next to the deceased, the motorcycle with the license plate FZP-91D was found in which he was traveling to his home transporting the fish that he had collected in his craft work. For now, it is ruled out that the case was an attempted robbery.

No clues to the murderer

At the site the authorities did not find the vanillas, so they argue that the attack was with a revolver. There is still no hypothesis that allows establishing the reasons that motivated what happened, however, the Judicial Police is finding out if the event is related to artisanal fishing.

Colonel Gustavo Adolfo Camargo, commander of the Huila Police Department, indicated that in the sector they have received several complaints with issues that have to do with the theft of fish, for which they are now seeking to analyze whether the homicide is correlated.

According to the forensic opinion, the deceased had three holes caused by a firearm in the pectoral region, another in the abdominal region and the last one in the lumbar region. It was learned from Sánchez Zapata that he was the father of two minors who today remain orphans of his father.

Until yesterday his family was waiting to claim his mortal remains to advance his obsequies in the urban area of ​​the population.

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