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Top 3 Star Minca Hotels

Source: Sol de Minca Reserva

Minca is a lovely little town set in the mountains above Santa Marta. Visitors love the great bird watching and hiking, especially to visit the nearby waterfalls. you can also enjoy coffee and cacao farms nearby and just disconnect and take in the nature and lovely scenery. If you would like to find a nice place to stay in Minca without breaking the budget, read on to learn about the best 3-star accommodations in Minca, Colombia.

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  1. Sol de Minca Nature Reserve
Source: Sol de Minca Reserva

The first place on this list of 3 stars Minca hotels is actually located just before the town on the road from Santa Marta. The highlights are the pretty bungalows here, but there are more standard rooms available as well. All of them are nestled in among the trees of the tropical forest that covers the mountains, and guests frequently spot lots of birds around the property. The rooms are very nicely furnished and this is the perfect place for some peace and quiet immersed in naturemaking it our first choice for a Minca 3 star hotel.

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  1. San Raphael Estate
Source: Finca San Rafael

At San Rafael farm, Guests will not only find a lovely and cozy lodge, but the property is a cocoa and coffee farmmeaning they will be able to sample wonderful, local chocolate and coffee as well as learn more about the production of each while staying at this 3-star Minca lodge. There is also a pool on-site and there are gorgeous views from the property. Rooms are comfortably and cozily furnished.

Source: Finca San Rafael

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  1. Hotel Minca La Casona
Source: Hotel Minca La Casona

Located in town proper, Hotel Minca La Casona is next up on this list of best moderately priced Minca accommodations. Guests especially enjoy the food here, and the property has a home away from home atmosphere. there is a small pool on site, and the rooms are nicely furnished. The location also offers easy access to all the restaurants and cafes in town, while also allowing guests to hike to the waterfalls nearby.

Source: Hotel Minca La Casona

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  1. Colors of the Sierra
Source: Colors of the Sierra

Located above Minca, this pretty lodge offers a nice place to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of the city, landing it next on our list of the best 3-star quality hotels in Minca. The rooms are cozy and modernly furnished. There are also amazing views from everywhere on the property.

Source: Colors of the Sierra

If you can handle a bit of hustle and bustle, Santa Marta is also worth visiting on your trip through northern Colombia. Be sure to check out our guides to the best 3-star, 4-star, and 5-star hotels in Santa Marta as well as our lists of the top bars, restaurants, and cafes in Santa Marta.

Source: Hostel Sierra Minca
  1. Hostel Sierra Minca

While there are dorms at Hostel Sierra Minca, there are also private rooms and even bungalows, qualifying it for this list of the best 3 stars Minca hotels. The property, located a bit to the southeast of Minca is gorgeous and has a great view looking over the mountains. The rooms are also well furnished.

Source: Hostel Sierra Minca

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