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Hippopotamus died in Puerto Triunfo after spectacular traffic accident – Medellín – Colombia

On the night of Tuesday, April 11, there was a traffic accident five kilometers from the urban area of ​​Doradal. Several citizens reported that A hippopotamus, which apparently had escaped from the Hacienda Nápoles, died after crashing violently into a Duster truck.

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According to information provided by various local media, the vehicle collided with the hippopotamuscausing various injuries to his costal area that left him lifeless.

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Likewise, the Traffic and Transportation Section of the Antioquia Police arrived at the scene of the accident to provide assistance. Due to the event, a lane of the road was closed to allow the removal of both the vehicle, which was left with irreparable damage, and the body of the animal.

The accident left two people injured.


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On the other hand, regarding the occupants of the vehicle, the authorities affirmed that they were slightly injured and did not need to be transferred to medical centers.

Hippos in Colombia

It should be remembered that since March 25, 2022, hippos have been declared an invasive species in Colombia.

As a result of this, almost a year later, Governor Aníbal Gaviria, together with the Animal Protection and Welfare Management of Antioquia, announced that the corresponding processes were being carried out to send 70 of these mammals to Mexico and India.

Initially, according to an interview conducted by EL TIEMPO with Lina Marcela de los Ríos, manager of Protection and Animal Welfare of the Secretariat of Environment and Sustainability of the Government of Antioquia, the proposal is to send 60 animals to the Asian country, while Mexico would arrive another 10.

On the other hand, from Cornare (Regional Autonomous Corporation of the Negro and Nare river basins) various recommendations have been made regarding the increase of this species in the area. If you happen to see any of these animals wandering in urban areas, you can contact the Green Line 018000414123, the Cornare number 546 16 16 or 123 of the National Police.

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