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Discovering Capurgana | BnB Colombia Tours

Discovering Capurgana

Did you know that Chocó is the only Colombian department with access to the Caribbean and Pacific coasts? For this tour, we will stay on the Caribbean side. The Pacific is for another day and should not be missed.

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The name acandi eat from the indigenous word Acanti, which means river of stone and the town has a population of less than four thousand, so it is very small. From here you will begin your adventure along the coast to Panama.

Mama Basilia, Acandi
Mama Basilia, Acandi

Between its endless black sand beaches, delicious coconut dishes, and wild features, here are found some of the most magical places in all of Colombia. The coast is a necklace of houses and occasional small hotels against a background of green vegetation, beaches of sand, and gray pebbles.

Much of the time you will be alone on the beach, surrounded by lush vegetation, fantastic landscapes, and exotic animals. Enjoy the Darién with its beaches and forests rich in fauna and flora, listen to the singing of the birds, feel the nature of the Colombian jungles, and discover the magic that is hidden behind each pathway.


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As with every year, hope arrives with the turtles at La Playona Beach, a beach about twenty minutes by boat from Acandí. Here you will stay in a cabin on the water’s edge-
This is the largest nesting site for cana turtles on the Caribbean coast, now a protected area.

Sea turtles are charismatic animals that produce an instant connection with most people.
Mama Basilia Ecological Center is an ecological foundation dedicated to the care and help of the conservation of Caná turtles. Mama Basilia is very close to the preferred nesting sites for turtles, which allows sighting of the turtles without having to go far from your cabin.

capurganá is your next port of call, a town along the coast northwards close to Panama. All these coastal towns are hidden along the Darién Gap, with most visitors to Colombia tending to overlook its splendid coastline. The clear blue ocean and isolated beaches are ideal for some quiet time.


To get to Capurganá you will have to take a boat as that is the only way to access the Aldea (small town). It is vehicle freeso very enjoyable.
Your lodgings will be right on the beach giving direct access to the beautiful water and untouched beach.
A good idea is to wander off to Avocado Bay to witness paradisiacal beaches and their surroundings which enchant with their tranquility and natural mise en scène.

Sunset Capurgana

Surprises await you all the while in the Darien of Choco. High basalt cliffs, formed more than 3 million years ago contrast with the calm bay of Sapzurrowhere you are now headed, again by boat.
sapzurroa town of fishermen and a handful of foreign inhabitants who have decided to live nestled on the cliffs or in the jungle, away from the bustle of the big lights. Sapzurro Bay is an inlet of shallow calm waters where live coral patches can be seen through the pristine water.


Did you know that Colombia is the only country in South America that borders both the Pacific and the Caribbean Seas? If you’re looking for an unforgettable experience on both coasts, check out our 4-day itinerary whale watching on the Pacific Coast.

being that Sapzurro is on the Caribbean side of Colombia, the climate is much less humid than on the Pacific coast, with its circular bay and forest paths.
Here you can enjoy the beautiful beaches all year long.

sapzurro is right on the border with Panama. You will climb a hundred steps to cross into Panama and discover La Miel beach.


A small town with a stunning beach, it is the typical tropical paradise with white sand, palm trees, and glorious water.
At the end of the beach, you will find a duty-free store that sells wine and liquor for those needing a pick-me-up.


Chocó food is some of the best in Colombia.

You will surely love the coconut rice and fried plantains.

The locals use fresh seafood and ingredients from the jungle to flavor their cuisine. If you can, try their Seafood Casserole. It is a seafood stew cooked with coriander and coconut milk. Totally divine.
A perfect drink to accompany it would be a borojó juice, known as “love juice” among the indigenous peoples of Panama, Colombia, and the Amazon regions.

This is a tour that few experience. If you are looking for something different, exciting, and inspiring travel to this part of Colombia.
You will be amazed.

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