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In a military operation, alias ‘Tuvia’ or ‘Aureliano’, the main leader of the ELN’s ‘Darío Ramírez’ war front, was killed. According to the Government, this guerrilla had a 25-year criminal record and the author of homicides, illegal recruitment, forced displacement, illegal mining, and environmental destruction.

The Minister of Defense, Iván Velásquez, confirmed yesterday that in a military operation carried out in Yondó, Antioquia, the Armed Forces killed alias ‘Tuvia’, the commander of the ELN War Front ‘Darío Ramírez Castro’, that offends in the south of Bolívar; lower Cauca and northeast Antioquia.

It should be noted that in the area where the assassination of alias ‘Tuvia’ took place, there is a war to the death for territorial control between the Clan del Golfo and the ELN. Illegal armed structures seek to dominate illegal mining.

“In Yondó, Antioquia, the Armed Forces killed alias ‘Tuvia’, commander of the ELN’s ‘Darío Ramírez Castro’ War Front that operates in southern Bolívar, lower Cauca in Antioquia and northeastern Antioquia,” wrote the Defense Minister on his Twitter account.

Who was alias ‘Tuvia’?

Alias ​​’Tuvia’, who had a criminal record of more than 25 years, had become one of the ELN men most wanted by the authorities, due to his criminal record in areas of southern Bolívar and Bajo Cauca, Antioquia.

He became commander of the ‘Darío Ramírez Castro’ war front, after the death of Felipe Alcocer Albarino, alias ‘Pirry’. After said drop to the ranks of the guerrilla, ‘Tuvia’ was designated by the Central Command to continue with the criminal tasks of ‘Pirry’.

Apparently, he planned six attacks against the National Army in Antioquia during the years 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021. For example, he is responsible for a harassment where a soldier was murdered in the township of Carrizal, municipality of Remedios.

In that same region, he ordered the attack on the ETCR Carrizal where a vehicle was damaged and the forced displacement of four teachers from the rural educational center.

Likewise, he was in charge of harassing the troops that were in charge of security in that TACR and attacking those that were in the Panama sector, leaving three soldiers wounded and a stolen machine gun.

Lastly, in January 2021, he ordered the attack with explosives on the troops in the Carrizal sector, in which two soldiers were injured.

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In addition, in the military operation on Tuesday, the capture of three other presumed members of the ELN was reported, including alias ‘Camila’. The woman was injured and was treated by combat nurses to respect her life.

War, quartermaster and communications material was also seized. For the Military Forces, it is a result that weakens the armed and financial structures of the Eln, a guerrilla that is in peace talks with the National Government and recently assassinated nine soldiers in Norte de Santander.

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