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Top 5 Star Minca Hotels

Source: Tierra Adentro Nature Reserve

Located in the Sierra Nevada mountain range just outside of Santa Marta, the small town of Minca is an up-and-coming eco-tourism destination. With great hiking, terrific birding, coffee and cacao plantations you can visit, and several lovely waterfalls, it is a great spot to spend a few nights while seeing Colombia’s Caribbean. If you want to enjoy Minca for yourself in luxury, read on to learn about the best 5-star accommodations in Minca, Colombia.

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  1. Inland Nature Reserve
Source: Tierra Adentro Nature Reserve

First up on this list is a wonderful 5-star quality eco-lodge in Minca located immersed in the nature of the area. Inland Nature Reserve has gorgeous rooms that offer the perfect mix between modern luxury and rustic, natural vibes. The views from the common areas are also amazing and are the perfect accompaniment to your morning coffee and breakfast complete with fresh fruit from the area.

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  1. Trekking Glamping
Source: Trekker Glamping
Source: Trekker Glamping

Glamping has become an increasingly popular option for those who love nature but also want to have modern amenities. The second option on this list of 5-star accommodations in Minca offers just that. Located amidst the forest-covered hills outside of town, trekker offers luxurious domed accommodations with lovely wooden interiors and big comfortable beds. Even more amazing is that each one is built on the side of the mountain and has a lovely wooden deck overlooking the forest-covered mountains below. The view of the sunset is amazing here.

Source: Trekker Glamping

If you love being immersed in nature, you’ll also want to visit Tayrona Park. See our guides to the top 5-star, 4-star, and 3-star accommodations near Tayrona.

  1. Sweet Harmony by Xarm
Source: Sweet Harmony

Sweet Harmony es located on a nice property just outside of town. The rooms here are pretty and bright, lit up from big glass walls and doors. They are also plenty comfortable and well furnished. In addition to the pretty views, there is also a small hot tub on site For guests to enjoy, perfect after a day out hiking to waterfalls and spotting birds. This 5-star quality Minca hotel is perfect to feel pampered while still being in harmony with nature.

Source: Tierra Adentro Nature Reserve

Looking for nice places to stay in Minca that are more budget-friendly? Check out our guides to the best 4 star and 3-star hotels in Minca.

  1. Sierra Alta Finca Boutique
Source: Sierra Alta Finca Boutique

Located further up in the mountains from Minca proper, Sierra Alta Finca Boutique is next on this list of top luxury accommodations in Minca. This pretty property has well-furnished rooms while still allowing you to feel immersed in nature. Some even offer views of the seemingly far off Caribbean Sea, which you can see on clear days. This is the perfect place for a secluded stay outside of Minca.

Source: Sierra Alta Finca Boutique

If you want to also include a few nights in the nearby city of Santa Marta after your mountain escape to Minca, check out our guides to the best 5-star hotels, top 4 stars, and the best 3 stars hotels in Santa Marta. Also see our lists of the top bars, restaurants, and cafes in Santa Marta.

  1. Minca EcoHabs
Source: Minca EcoHabs

Located just a short distance from townthe Minca EcoHabs offer eco-friendly cabins with luxury furnishings. Each cabin is nestled in among the tropical forest that covers the mountains. The decks from each cabin offer amazing views of the mountainsides and forest below. That makes it a great place for those looking for a secluded feeling without being so far outside of town like many of the other options listed on this guide to the best 5-star accommodations in Minca.

Source: Minca EcoHabs

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