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What is my role in the Passion of Jesus Christ? • The nation

«When they approached Jerusalem and arrived at Betphage, next to the Mount of Olives, Jesus sent two disciples, telling them: Go to the village opposite, you will immediately find a donkey tied with her donkey, untie them and bring them to me. If someone tells you something, tell them that the Lord needs them and will return them soon.” This happened so that what the prophet said would be fulfilled: “Say to the daughter of Zion: Look at your king, who comes to you, humble, mounted on a donkey, on a colt, son of a mule”. The disciples went and did what Jesus had commanded them: they brought the donkey and the colt, threw their cloaks on them and Jesus got on. The crowd spread their cloaks on the road; some cut branches from trees and carpeted the road. And the people who went before and behind shouted: “Long live the Son of David!” “Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord!” “Long live the Most High!” Upon entering Jerusalem, the whole city asked excitedly: “Who is this?” The people who came with him said: “It is Jesus, the prophet of Nazareth of Galilee”» (Matthew 21,1-11 and Mt 26, 14-27, 66).

Father Elcías Trujillo Núñez

After reading the Gospel of this Palm Sunday, which opens Holy Week or also called Week, I want, dear reader, that we update these great events a little and discover what is the lesson for our lives. Because the Gospel is not just a story from the past. It is a living, current revelation. It reveals to us what is happening today between Jesus and us. It explains how He treats us and how we treat Him.

The Gospel is like a mirror: you only have to open it to be able to recognize yourself in it. In this year’s passion the same actors move as in that time of Christ. First of all, the indifferent ones: they are the tired ones, the simple spectators, who don’t like to get into trouble, who let others do it – but without whom these things would never be done. In the face of how many injustices and dramas have we shown this indifference? Next, come the cowards: they are those people who, in difficult moments, say, like Saint Peter, that “they don’t know this man.”

They are Christians who perhaps participate in the liturgies of the week, hear many homilies, reflections, participate in mass every Sunday. But when things get ugly, when there is a cross and blood is shed – then they say they have nothing to do with Him, they don’t know this man. Who among us is not also a coward, at certain times? There are also the executioners. They cannot be missing, they are the same as always – with their brutal and sadistic methods, with their hearts of stone.

And we, how many times have we sentenced others with our unfair judgments and our arbitrary slander? And there is no lack of the same victim, innocent, painful, patient. Today there are more victims than ever: the just who suffer, the innocent persecuted, the elderly abandoned and useless, orphans, imprisoned all over the world. But do not go so far away. By our side there are those who suffer, cry, go hungry, are sick, do not have a job, feel alone… And so Jesus, with a thousand different faces, continues to be in our midst and begins the path to Calvary anew each day. And us, what role do we play? We can choose the role that we like, we can do with Jesus what we want. What role do we play? We can also make sure that there are some faithful servants, some attentive hearts, some friendly faces. We can gift Jesus present in the brothers, gestures of mercy, compassion, solidarity and unity. So who’s going to play Veronica? Who wants to be Simon of Cyrene? Simon of Cyrene, at first, felt indignant and unwilling to carry the cross.

But little by little his attention turned to the man walking ahead: that companion of his, so patient, dignified, and silent, so brave and strong in suffering. At first he saw only the burden of the cross, but in the end he no longer saw anything but Jesus. And he was glad to be able to help him and accompany him on his way. Dear reader, this is the true Christian: the one who knows that he can never have as much joy as when he shares the pain with his brother, and when he accepts the cross for love of the Lord. That is why I invite you to live with that same spirit the Holy Week that we begin today. Note: I remind you that the central moment of this Holy Week is the Pascual Vigil, Holy Saturday night.

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