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Top 3 Star Hotels Near Tayrona Park

Source: Tayrona Paradise

The area where Tayrona National Park is located is considered sacred by the indigenous peoples who lives there today. This gorgeous place where the Caribbean Sea meets the Sierra Nevada mountain range is considered to be the cradle of life, and it is one of the most remarkable natural areas in Colombia. Many assume you have to stay in the hammocks or tents in the park to properly enjoy it. However, that is not the case. If you’re looking to enjoy the windswept beaches and amazing views of Tayrona without having to camp, read on the learn about the best 3-star hotels near Tayrona.

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  1. tayrona paradise
Source: Tayrona Paradise

The first place on this list of top 3-star quality accommodations near Tayrona Park is not using false advertising by including paradise in its name. The aptly named tayrona paradise offers standard and family rooms along with private bungalowseach with its own patio area and nice, big beds with rustic, natural decor. It is also surrounded by nature, and you can take a short drive to get to the park entrance. That makes this beautiful property the first choice for 3-star lodges near Tayrona.

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  1. Memories of Tayrona
Source: Memories of Tayrona

Next up on this list of best 3-star Tayrona hotels is the Memories of Tayrona. It is just about as close as you can get to staying inside the park itself, with the main entrance a 5-minute walk away. Rooms here are comfortably furnished while being moderately priced, and guests can enjoy a Nice pool on site. That makes it a great staging area for a day trip or even spending a night or two inside the park itself and lands it firmly on this list of top 3-star quality accommodations near Tayrona Park.

Source: Memories of Tayrona

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  1. Villa Tasting
Source: Villa-Cata

Villa Tasting is next up on this list of 3-star hotels near Tayrona. It is located just a bit to the west of the entrance to the park but is still only a few minutes in a car. There is a lovely pool on site and all rooms offer a balcony. Some of the rooms sleep up to 5, making this a great choice for groups or families looking for budget-friendly accommodations outside Tayrona. All of the rooms are also comfortably furnished and well decoratedmaking this a great value all around.

Source: Villa-Cata

If you love the nature of Tayrona, you will also love the mountains, forests, and waterfalls of Minca, a small town located south of the park. Learn about the best 3-star, the top 4-stars, and the best 5-star hotels there to include it on your trip.

  1. Antawara House
Source: Antawara House

Located a bit closer to the park entrance than Villa Cata, Antawara House also makes for a great value choice. The common areas of this 3-star Tayrona hotel have a Nice, rustic, beach vibe. There is a neat little pool on site with its own mini waterfalland guests can Enjoy lounging in the hammocks around the pool or on the balcony. Its nice atmosphere and proximity to the park make this a great choice for those looking for moderately priced hotels near the entrance to Tayrona Park.

Source: Antawara House

Most visitors to Tayrona make a stop in Santa Marta, the closest city. Be sure to check out our guides to the best 5-star hotels, top 4 starsand the best 3 stars, hotels in Santa Marta as well as the best restaurants, best cafes, and best bars to check out while you are there.

  1. Blue Mango Beach Hotel
Source: Blue Mango Beach Hotel
Source: Blue Mango Beach Hotel

Blue Mango is actually Located a bit north of Tayrona along the stretch of beach known as Playa Costeño. That will make visiting the park itself a bit more of a trip, but the accommodations here are well worth it. Fairly secluded, it has a nice beachfront and an even prettier and large pool just off the beach. There are nice, luxuriously furnished rooms in the main building as well as cozy, little beach bungalows.

Source: Blue Mango Beach Hotel

It’s a great spot to relax beachfront and offers easy access to Tayrona.

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