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Couple was murdered on their farm in the department of Bolívar – Other Cities – Colombia

A double murder left the inhabitants of the department of Bolivar. A couple was brutally murdered inside the farm where they lived, located in the sector known as El Patón.

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The events occurred last Saturday, March 25, inside a house located between the municipalities of Saint Stanislaus of Kostka and Villanuevanorth of Bolivar.

Police confirmed the death of Alcira del Socorro Ramos Morales, 52-year-old and his sentimental partner, Alvaro Cohen Orozco, who was 70 years old and was the owner of the properties where the tragic events occurred between Arenal and Villanueva.

Investigation into the double murder

According to the first versions of the Bolivar Police, the two adults would have been victims of an attempted robbery within the farm. In addition, the couple’s bodies have traces of torture, apparently because the murderers acted viciously.

One of the reasons that are handled by the authorities is that Alvaro Cohen would have done some business, there is talk of a possible purchase and sale of cattle. The Police are investigating whether it is a robbery and try to understand how the murderers knew about the movements of the older adult.

In addition, it was learned that the couple tried to get a loan from a financial institution in Cartagena. According to the researchers, “it appears that the victims had traveled Cartagena to start a credit to a bank. However, said process was denied to them.

Reward for the perpetrators of the crime

The sijin, together with the authorities of the Department of Bolivar, are offering a ‘juicy’ reward for information that allows finding the whereabouts of the perpetrators of the homicide of Alcira del Socorro Ramos Morales and Alvaro Cohen Orozco.

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“The institution, through the Sijín and the Sipol, under the coordination of the Prosecutor’s Office, immediately began the corresponding investigations in order to determine the causes of time, manner and place of the events. (…) Whereby reward payment of up to 20 million pesos is offered for those who help identify, individualize, prosecute and/or capture those responsible for this act,” the Police said in an official statement.

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