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Top 3 Star Villa de Leyva Hotels

Undoubtedly one of the neatest little towns in all of Colombia, Villa de Leyva makes for a charming inclusion on any Colombia trip. Located at a few hours outside of Bogotáit has gorgeous colonial-era architecture and a number of neat things to see nearby. If you want to enjoy Villa de Leyva without breaking the budget, read on to learn about the best 3-star hotels in Villa de Leyva, Colombia.

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Source: The Tree House
  1. The Tree House Hotel Boutique
Source: The Tree House

The first place on this list of the best Villa de Leyva 3 star hotels is the Tree House Hotel Boutique. Located in town just a short walk from the main plaza that Villa de Leyva is famous for, the rooms here are spacious and wonderfully furnished. There is also a great on-site spa and the whole hotel feels modern yet still fits in with the colonial atmosphere of Villa de Leyva.

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  1. Hotel La Posada de San Antonio
Source: Hotel La Posada de San Antonio

In a former colonial mansion, The Inn of San Antonio is next on this list of best 3-star accommodations in Villa de Leyva. The tiled floors and wooden beams of the ceilings will have you feeling like you have been transported back in time. The rooms are well furnished with nice, comfortable beds, and the common areas of the hotel are full of pretty, antique furniture. It is also just a block from the main plaza in the center of town.

Source: Hotel La Posada de San Antonio

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  1. Hospedería La Roca Main Square
Source: Hospedería La Roca Main Square

In a pretty old home with colorful decor, the Hospedería Roca The Main Square is llocated just off the main square in Villa de Leyva. The inner courtyard is pretty and peaceful, adorned with lots of flowers. Meanwhile, the rooms are comfortably furnished, and guests love the friendly and cozy atmosphere. That makes it another great choice for Villa de Leyva 3 star accommodations.

Source: Hospedería La Roca Main Square

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  1. Selina Villa de Leyva
Source: Selina

selina has a chain of trendy boutique hostel-style properties throughout Colombia. While there is a sleep here, their Villa de Leyva property feels more like a traditional hotel. With a modern but rustic design, rooms here are nice, and there is a really nice size pool on site. The courtyards and gardens are also nice and perfect for relaxing.

Source: Selina

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  1. Hotel Casa Boutique Villa de Leyva
Source: Hotel Casa Boutique Villa de Leyva

Rounding out this list of the best 3-star accommodations in Villa de Leyva is the Hotel Casa Boutique Villa de Leyva. In a pretty home just behind the Plaza Mayor, the rooms here are very nice and cozy. Suites even come complete with antique bathtubs. In short, you won’t go wrong staying here as your choice for a 3 star Villa de Leyva hotel.

Source: Hotel Casa Boutique Villa de Leyva

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