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Salsa Shines Update for Higher Levels

For Salsa Imp/Intermediate Level, we have made updates to the shines by adding and removing some of them. While most footwork/shines will remain the same, some modules have been revamped to feature Newly Labeled Porto Shines and Salsa On2 shines that aid in Mambo and musical education. These changes are in effect right away and will be incorporated into this week’s classes. We will provide further guidance on any significant alterations in the upcoming weeks. You can refer to the wall in the class for the complete list of shines. No shine is removed permanently they also appear in the vast modules in Int/Advanced over a 7 year period ….. Read more about Salsa classes & it’s syllabus here >

Updates to imp/int Modules: 201 – New York Shines #1 – No Changes 202 – Cuban Shines #1 – Title renamed & 1 New Shine on week#4

203 – Spins & Turns – No Changes 204 – New York Shines #2 – 1 Shine moved to week#3

205 – Porto Shines #1 – Title renamed & 1 New Shine on week#4

206 – Cuban Shines #2 – No Changes

207 – Colombian Shines – No Changes

208 – Porto Shines #2 – Title renamed & 1 Shine moved to week#3

For Salsa Int/Advanced, remember you don’t need a grading to enter this class, but we highly recommend finishing all 8 modules in Imp/Int Levels. We are also trailing something new in the shines tonight with warmup as usual, Salsa On1 Shine syllabus second then Salsa On2 Combo shines third.

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