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Top 5 Star Villa de Leyva Hotels

Located several hours outside of Bogotá, the town of Villa de Leyva is one of Colombia’s most charming places. its pretty colonial architecture and cobblestone streets are enchanting, and there are a number of terrific natural attractions nearby. If you would like to enjoy this great little town in luxury, read on to discover the best luxury hotels in Villa de Leyva, Colombia.

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  1. The Alhambra Boutique Hotel
Source: The Alhambra Hotel Boutique

Located just past the edge of town, The Alhambra Boutique Hotel is next on this list of the best luxury hotels in Villa de Leyva. The rooms here are impeccable, and modernly furnished while maintaining the charm Villa de Leyva is known for. There is a nice pool on-site as well as a bar and a pretty garden and terrace area. This is the perfect place to enjoy Villa de Leyva and its surroundings in comfort.

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Source: The Alhambra Hotel Boutique

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  1. Maria Bonita Hotel
Source: Maria Bonita Hotel

Located right on the northeastern edge of town, Maria Bonita Hotel iIt’s just a few blocks from the main plaza and is the next recommendation on this list of the best Villa de Leyva luxury hotels. A two-story home, the pretty archways, and balconies overlooking the central courtyard are gorgeous, and although the building is built in the colonial-style Villa de Leyva is known for, it is actually fairly new. That means everything is comfortable and modern while maintaining a certain elegance that fits with the charm of the town. That lands it a well-deserved place on this list of luxury accommodations in Villa de Leyva.

Source: Maria Bonita Hotel

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  1. Hotel Plazuela de San Agustin
Source: Hotel Plazuela de San Agustin

Located just around the corner from the central plaza, you can’t beat the location of the next place on this list of best Villa de Leyva luxury accommodations. The Hotel Plazuela de San Agustin you have a lovely stone courtyard with its lovely rooms situated around it. The rooms themselves are cozy with antique-style furniture, pretty paintings, and even carpets. It all combines to give this Villa de Leyva luxury hotel a great, home away from home atmosphere.

Source: Hotel Plazuela de San Agustin

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  1. Tzabar House
Source: Casa Tzabar

Located on the hill on the eastern side of town, Tzabar House rounds out this list of the best Villa de Leyva luxury accommodations. It is in a pretty country-style house with a lovely garden and sitting area. The rooms are very nicely furnished. This is a great option for those looking for a quiet place to stay.

Source: Casa Tzabar

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