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Top 4 Star Barichara Hotels

Source: Casa Oniri Hotel Boutique

With its pretty cobblestone streets and rustic white adobe homes, the town of Barichara in Santander Province more than earns its status as Colombia’s prettiest town. it’s a charming place and a great addition to any Colombia itinerary. Read on here to learn about the best 4-star accommodations in Barichara, Colombia.

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  1. Casa Oniri Hotel Boutique
Source: Casa Oniri Hotel Boutique

Located in the heart of Barichara, Oniri House kicks off this list of the best 4-star hotels in Barichara. In a large former mansionthe rooms here are excellently furnished. The inner courtyard with its columns is very pretty, and the patio and terrace area offers Terrific views of the town and the nearby Cathedral. All of those lands Oniri House a well-deserved spot at the top of this list of 4 star Barichara hotels.

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  1. Misia Custody Hotel Boutique
Source: Misia Custody
Source: Misia Custody

The next hotel on this list of top 4 stars Barichara accommodations is actually located in the nearby town of Guane, a tiny town connected to Barichara by an old stone road that is a popular hike. However, it’s a nice place to stay in and of itself as well, especially if you want an even smaller town feel than Barichara. The hotel is fairly new but was built in the traditional style with a white adobe exterior and clay tile roof. The rooms are rustic but well furnished. There is also a pretty little pool. It is a charming place all around and a great choice for 4-star accommodations near Barichara.

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  1. Hotel Alto del Viento
Source: Alto del Viento Hotel

Next up on this list of the top Barichara 4-star hotels is a cozy little hotel located just on the outskirts of Barichara. Sitting up the hillside, there are nice views of the rest of town here. The rooms are Wonderfully furnished with a pastel tone and large, comfortable beds. You can cool off in the small pool on site as well while taking in the great views.

Source: Alto del Viento Hotel

Salento is another lovely small town in Colombia’s coffee-growing region. If you’d like to spend some time there too, check out our guides to the top 4 and 5 star accommodations as well as the best restaurants and best cafes in Salento.

  1. Hicasua Hotel and Convention Center
Source: Hotel Hicasua

Located in the heart of town in one of the traditional, iconic white adobe houses in downtown Barichara. That puts you near the parks, churches, and best restaurants in town. The rooms here are elegantly furnishedand there is fairly large pool on site to cool off after a day out exploring town.

Source: Hotel Hicasua

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  1. Hotel Terra Barichara
Source: Hotel Terra
Source: Hotel Terra

Located a bit outside of town, the last place on this list of Barichara 4 star accommodations is a slice of paradise. Terra Hotel have you several small pools, to gorgeous garden and terrace, and great surrounding scenery. The rooms are also modernly furnished with giant, comfortable beds, and sofas. Guests love the food served in the onsite restaurant.

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