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Prosecutor’s Office dismisses Mayor; Gorky is pronounced • The Nation

The Attorney General dismissed in the first instance the mayor of Neiva Gorky Muñoz Calderón due to anomalies in the PAE. The president will appeal the decision.

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The Attorney General dismissed the mayor of Neiva, Gorky Muñoz, for alleged anomalies in the PAE. Similarly, the Public Ministry disqualified him for 10 years.

The former Secretary of Education, Giovanni Córdoba; as well as Armando Cabrera and Camila Ortega.

mayor responds

Following this decision by the Attorney General’s Office, Mayor Gorky Muñoz issued a statement on Wednesday night. “The decision adopted by the delegated Attorney corresponds to a first instance ruling, and against it we have already filed an appeal, so that the hierarchical superior studies the arguments presented and adopts the decision that corresponds by law,” said the president.

“The first instance sanction does not become effective until the second instance is resolved by the Disciplinary Chamber for Judgment of public servants of the Office of the Attorney General of the Nation, therefore, I will continue in the normal exercise of my functions, as Mayor, just as I have been doing since January 1, 2020 ”, complements Muñoz Calderón.

“Although we have always been respectful of the institutions, regarding the first instance ruling, we must state that, although we abide by the decisions of the administrative authorities, we do not share the evidentiary assessment made by the Delegate, since it ignores the context and the implications represented by the Pandemic derived from Covid-19, the health emergency and the legal framework defined in Law 80 of 1993, for manifestly urgent contracting. Due to this, we appeal the decision so that it is a hierarchical superior who decides,’ concluded the Mayor of Neiva.

Find out more details in tomorrow’s Thursday print edition of LA NACIÓN newspaper.

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