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Son of Petro spoke out against the accusations against him, this said: • The Nation

Faced with the accusations that have been made against me in recent days, I would like to inform you that I am fully prepared to appear before the control entities and confirm my innocence.

Likewise, I clarify to public opinion and the media that the money in question does not come from the mafia, nor from corruption, nor from any illegal activity, I will corroborate this before the courts, as appropriate.

I inform journalists and the media that violating my space of residence, without authorization or prior conversation, borders on harassment, I will always be open to respond to requests from the press, these days I have attended the media that I could, but I have not Everything is valid.

I reject any interference in my personal and family life, in my residence and in the matters that involve my intimate sphere of which I am being a victim, such as publication of my residence address, putting my security at risk; as well as the bank statements which are duly justified with salary payments, bonuses and layoffs from my work as a deputy.

Similarly, I reject any other intimate information disclosed by those who are unaware of my fundamental right to the protection of my data and information, enshrined in article 15 of the constitution, developed by law 1581 of 2012.

In this sense, I also announce that I have decided to refrain from participating in any type of political activity related to the upcoming electoral contest. Likewise, I stand by the processes of Human Colombia, the Historical Pact and the campaign of Máximo Noriega to the Governor of the Atlantic, until I ratify my innocence.

In these days I have received an unprecedented social and media lynching, where I have been tried and convicted, violated my fundamental rights such as the presumption of innocence and due process, where people who I considered friends who held out their hand have given me the back. I trust in justice and I know that I will ratify my innocence before it.

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