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Daniel Quintero: Mayor of Medellín reveals if he seeks the presidency in 2026 – Medellín – Colombia

daniel quintero, mayor of medellinends his term on December 31 and, in an interview with EL TIEMPO, assured that he always knew that he was going to win the mayoral elections, because he felt that way after meditating while climbing Mount Los Olivos.

Now, the president declared that he still does not rule out being a presidential candidate in 2026, but that he will have to undertake a new trip to Los Olivos to determine it. In addition, he explained how “difficult, dangerous and exhausting” the Medellín Mayor’s Office has been.

Have you thought about running for the 2026 presidential elections?

Before I ran for mayor, I had my ascent to Mount Los Olivos and I thought a lot about whether to run or not because something told me that if I ran I would win even though I did not come from traditional political groups. I did not have the support of the businessmen who were supposed to be essential to win, but something told me that if I took the plunge, I would win and I personally knew what that meant.

Being a mayor is a wonderful opportunity to serve, but personally it is really very difficult, it is dangerous, it is take time away from your family and your children and the strongest proof of this was when in the middle of the pandemic they told me that my daughter needed a transplant and everything was put at stake, but I had already assumed a responsibility with 2 ‘500,000 people and couldn’t give it up.I want to finish my term in the Mayor’s Office well, make way for new leaders in Medellín who hopefully continue with the transformations we want in the city and take a break.

But, doesn’t it rule out presidential elections?

After the break we will see, it will be another ascent to Mount Los Olivo to define if something, which is even more difficult personally and emotionally, is the right path.

read here the complete interview with the mayor Daniel Quintero, in which he talks about the government of Gustavo Petro, the legacy of Álvaro Uribe, his controversies in the Mayor’s Office and what he thinks about his wife launching into politics.


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