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The offensive against micro-trafficking in Neiva continues • La Nación

This police action was carried out through a search and search procedure in the Puertas del Sol neighborhood of Neiva.

In the last few hours, the National Police carried out a search and search procedure in the Seis commune of the capital opita, which allowed 500 doses of marijuana valued at one million pesos to be removed from circulation.

This is how uniformed officers from the SIJIN Criminal Investigation Section reached South 28th Street with Carrera 31 in the Puertas del Sol neighborhood, where, through a voluntary search, the seizure of:

01 revolver-type firearm with 06 cartridges for it and the seizure of 538 grams of marijuana ready to be dosed, it is important to mention that in this sector the commercialization of this narcotic substance is handled.

It should be noted that with the seizure of the firearm, it is possible to affect the criminal chain of theft.

The National Police during this week will be carrying out operations against drug trafficking, for which it invites citizens to report if they know of sites or people that are engaged in this illegal activity, reporting through the anti-drug line 167 or 123 of the National Police.

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