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They shoot at their aunt and niece when they went to work in the El Ingenio neighborhood – Cali – Colombia

Two women, who are related to each other, were targeted shots in the El Ingenio neighborhood, in Cali.

The attack occurred in the middle of a public thoroughfare, in the south of the city.

The victims were identified as Gloria Mendoza and Maria Elena Mendoza. They were official employees of the Universidad del Valle and both were union activists.

According to versions that the authorities are investigating, both aunt and niecewere mobilizing on a motorcycle when they were shot, according to the Cali mayor’s office, 70 meters from the entrance to the workers’ entrance to the Valley University.

The hitmen were on a high-cylinder motorcycle.

One of the victims had already been the target of another attack and threats, about 10 months ago, according to the Police and the mayor’s office of Cali.

One of the victims had already been the target of another attack and threats, about 10 months ago, according to the Police and the Cali mayor’s office.

At that time, a person with a firearm went to the house of one of the women to murder her, in a humble sector of Siloam, on the hillside

Mayor Jorge Iván Ospina He said that at first it was thought to be an accident, but then the double murder was confirmed.

“The event is a hit man, he murders the women and later evades in the spaces around the University,” said Mayor Ospina.

He said that an elite investigative group was formed to report every eight hours on how the clarification of these crimes is progressing.

Authorities offered a reward of up to $100 million to capture the killers.

The bodies of the victims were left without signs of life at the site of the attack.

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The case happened at 5:45 am this Wednesday, February 22.

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The event was recorded in race 86 with 13B street.

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Members of the Police and the Prosecutor’s Office they cordoned off the area.

There are still no traces of the authors of this double homicide.

Last year, according to the Deputy Commander of the Metropolitan Police, Colonel William Quintero, two Univalle workers were also the target of attacks.


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