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Increased demand for technical careers and computer studies

During the 90s, the saying began to circulate that studying programming would become almost as important as studying English. The different computer languages ​​–such as JavaScript, C++ or Python– are great resources to make your way in a professional environment with increasing growth, which not only guarantees greater chances of getting a job, but also allows you to access fairly decent salaries. Taller.

Within computer studies, job options are increasingly diverse, and all of them are in high demand. From data management to back-end programming or front-end design, computer engineering enables professionals capable of being oriented towards the digital market, heavy industry, robotics, research or video game development, among many other sectors.

The development of web pages, increasingly requested

It is undeniable that the Internet occupies an increasingly central place in our lives. During the 90s, we hardly used the network of networks to check email or do sporadic searches on platforms such as Olé, Yahoo or Altavista. Google didn’t even exist back then, and most people didn’t see clear business potential in web pages at the time.

Of course, all this changed considerably. Today, e-commerce stores, live casino betting houses, digital marketing web pages and service contracting platforms on the Internet abound. Virtually anything that can be bought or sold on the street has the potential to be sold in the digital world as well, and in fact, these sales can be much larger and more lucrative.

Any company that wants to enter the digital market needs the services of specialists in the sector, which means that computer studies guarantee a simple job opportunity for those who work in the development of digital stores and other web platforms. Experience in this field is increasingly valued, and, furthermore, it is a sector where it is very easy to get international clients.

The market for mobile apps is also on the rise

The world of computing is increasingly evolving towards portable devices such as cell phones and tablets. Even smartwatches are generating increasing interest in the markets, and all these platforms require the development of applications that allow them to stay relevant. Therefore, knowledge of programming in JavaScript, PHP, Kotlin or C# is in increasing demand.

The number of applications that are available in the Google Play Store is already close to 3 million, compared to the 2 million that are in the App Store. And these numbers do not stop increasing. Any self-respecting company needs to retain its users by developing an app, since this facilitates the connection with its users –that is, with its customers– and favors the consumption of its products or services.

The 3 million apps that are currently available on Android will be four million, six million or ten million in the future. Thousands of companies around the world need app developers to continue landing in an ever-growing market, which reinforces the relevance of computer studies as one of the main tools to have a good future at work.

High-level computing: research, robotics, and heavy industry

There are those who find it more comfortable to work in a market where it is possible to make the most of the code available on platforms such as Github, and where programming tasks involve optimizing this code based on the needs of each client. But there are also those who prefer to approach their talent with programming in a more creative and demanding way.

Heavy industry, robotics companies, ‘Big Tech’ and research centers are increasingly asking for programming skills capable of dealing with the extraordinary. Here you will have to continually face the new and the unknown, proposing unique solutions that you definitely won’t be able to find on Github. These jobs can be more demanding and stressful, but they can also make you feel much more capable, stimulating you every day with new challenges on the cutting edge of technology.

Whatever your choice, the opportunities offered by computer studies are increasingly broad, and it is clear that it is one of the careers that offers better income and better working conditions. If you have ambition, a good sense of logic and a true passion for technology, choosing to study computer science can open endless doors for you in the future and make it very easy for you to explore new challenges.

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