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Two pregnant women were beaten in Neiva • La Nación

In isolated incidents, Yessica Alexandra, 19, and Nicol Viviansi Sánchez, 20, were attacked in isolated incidents in the Seis y Diez commune of Neiva.

In the first case, Yessica Alexandra Bravo, who is four months and one week pregnant, was raped by a neighbor, who not only punched her, but also tried to choke her. The circumstances that led to the event are unknown to this media outlet.

The 19-year-old victim who was helped at the ESE Carmen Emilia Ospina care center at the Las Palmas headquarters, was left under medical observation.

On the other hand, in the south of the capital of Huila, Nicol Viviansi Sánchez Montenegro was attacked, apparently by her husband who, in the middle of an argument, punched her in the face and stomach.

The affected woman, who is approximately seven months pregnant, was also taken to a care center, where she received care from the doctors.

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