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Secretary of Peace: I do not applaud the deaths or lynching of robbers – Cali – Colombia

In the midst of comments, in networks, in favor of the driver who shot the person who stole the mirror of the vehicle, the Secretary of Peace and Culture of Cali, Fabio Cardozopointed out that the justice must decide if it was an act of self defense.

In networks they have criticized him with the argument of lack of security in this capital. Cardozo, who is a lawyer, said that there is no “justice by one’s own hand”, there is legitimate defense and that is defined by a judge. He noted that he can’t clap lynchings or deaths.

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It was on the afternoon of last Wednesday, February 8, in race 1 with Calle 15, where a man proposed to commit the mirror theft to a van that was virtually parked for a vehicle jam.

The driver reacted and fired a shot at the alleged robber He was taken to a care center. Although it was initially said that he had died, the patient remains under a reserved medical prognosis.

According to the preliminary report, the driver had the documentation for the weapon.

Cardozo said that the citizen must submit to the weight of the Law. He noted that the person is part of a security company. In this case, it must be specified whether or not he acted disproportionately against a man who tried to rob him, he said today. Secretary of Peace and Citizen Culture.

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Secretary of Peace and Citizen Culture of Cali, Fabio Cardozo

Lawyer Cardozo’s position sparked controversy and criticism as there is no security in the city.

In networks, Fernando Torres M, who declares himself a ‘Furibista’, called him an imbecile and added: Rather, this Cardozo seems like a commander of the front line or perhaps of the Farc with this type of appreciation.”

Cardozo said that the concept of justice by one’s own hand does not exist, as it is proposed. That is what the State, the Police and Justice are for.

“In this specific case, it is argued in networks that one cannot be robbed and that the State must protect all good people. That is not true, the State must protect all people and even criminals have rights. Everyone We have the right to life and that is precisely the point”.

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The Secretary of Peace said that “we are here concerned because lynchings are taking place in Cali. And in this case, a person who was going to steal a mirror from him is on the verge of death. And he receives a bullet to the head. That matter will have to be settled a judge of the Republic”.

He explained that “the criticism that they are making of me is really being made against the legal system that sustains relations between citizens. I am here representing the State, claiming the right to life, even if it is that of a criminal who dared to remove the mirror from a car”.

The positions are divided. Networking, Wilfredo Quinones says: “People get angry but it is the truth, if the man steals the mirror and is captured it is a minor crime while the other man faces homicide. The problem is the lack of security and the weakness of the institutions so that these things don’t happen.”

While Oscar Andres Moncada He notes: “Who said to release them. It is a specific fact that is being analyzed and it is whether I can kill a person because they take a mirror from my car. It’s that simple. I think that’s what happened. The crook ripped off the mirror and was shot. Are we going to normalize that?”

alvaro garcia warns: “I put a comment about the death of a bald man who was killed for stealing a mirror in Cali. I’ve earned from threats to good vibes. What a disease the country has. Hopefully one day we understand that it’s time to make peace to move forward ” .

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Are there security issues?

Cardozo noted as a clarification that “I mobilize without a security plan, I walk the streets of Cali, exposed to the things that happen in Colombia. I do not carry weapons. Weapons here should only be carried by police officers.”

And he pointed out that “I am not responsible for security but I admit that we have security problems and that it must be improved, as it must be improved in Colombia, as it must be improved in the hemisphere, even in the United States, because there is freedom in arms trade. From my position I support the presidential decision to restrict the carrying of arms”.

He then noted that “it would be different if the other person was armed because there is a legitimate defense. In this case he was a destitute person and now he is on the brink of death. I hope he is saved“.

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