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Gustavo Petro in the Carnival of the Southwest of Barranquilla – Barranquilla – Colombia

In the midst of joy, talent and a hot day, the party in Barranquilla It continued this Saturday, February 11, with the Carnival of the Southwest, a parade that the entire community of this sector of the city enjoys.

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As a novelty in its 29th edition, the cultural event of the ‘Arenosa’ Carnival was attended by the President of the Republic, Gustavo Petrowho arrived dressed in a black shirt with marimonda prints and other traditional costumes.

The act began at 1:30 in the afternoon from 76th street with 26th race, in the El Silencio neighborhood, bound for the San Vicente park. In total, the tour covers 10 sectors of the city.

The artistic expressions were in charge of 280 folk groups who enlivened the afternoon of the spectators with their choreographies, colorful costumes and the energy that was not spared during the journey.

It must be taken into account that this Carnival event has gained popularity in the ‘carnestolendas’ of the capital of the Atlantic due to its proximity to the inhabitants of the neighbourhoods.

This is possible, since the residents of these neighborhoods enjoy the parade from the platforms, without barriers or security fences, giving them a sense of participation and interaction with cultural actors.

The event concentrates hundreds of folkloric groups.

This was the arrival of the head of state

In this sense, its organizers and the public awaited the arrival of the Head of State, who had promised to attend this parade since last Tuesday, February 7, when the Queen of Carnival, Natalia de Castro, visited him at the Casa de Nariño to make the official invitation to the parties.

Indeed, the president arrived in Barranquilla, coming from Sucre, and immediately joined the Southwest Carnival at the height of the San Felipe neighborhood, where he was guarded by a strong security scheme.

With a vueltiao hat he protected himself from the sun, while he walked among the dancers. He managed to greet the few citizens who managed to get close to take photos with him.

“President, we love you very much,” said a citizen who dared to capture the moment with a selfie. He thanked him and continued on the road with his entourage in the company of the first lady, Veronica Alcocer.

The strong security scheme kept the president away from the population.

It ended up being a fleeting visit

The organizers of the Southwest Carnival had previously reserved a space in front of the neighborhood church, where they built a box for President Petro to observe the rest of the parade.

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However, a few minutes after his walk, the president unexpectedly left the parade aboard one of the vans of the presidential motorcade. And the box remained unused.

In addition to traditional costumes and dances, the kings of Carnival, Natalia de Castro and Sebastián Guzmán, also participated in the Carnival of the Southwest. Similarly, the mayor of Barranquilla, Jaime Pumarejo, was present.


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